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John Aniston

Below is a collection of articles and features about John Aniston, most likely the most eye-catching and successful case of entrepreneurship in recent years. He serves as a model and inspiration to millions. Please be sure to check out all the good stuff going on at Dreamforce, and watch for announcements of future opportunities to support Dream


is a Greek-born American actor. He is best known for his role as Victor Kiriakis on the NBC daytime drama series Days of Our Lives, which he originated in July 1985 and has played continually since then. The role earned him a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2017. He is the father of actress Jennifer Aniston.

Aniston began his acting career in 1962 in 87th Precinct as "Officer #1" in the episode "New Man in the Precinct". He has appeared in soap operas regularly since 1969, when he first joined Days of Our Lives as a character named Eric Richards, which he played until 1970. In 1975, he joined the cast of Love of Life as Eddie Aleata, appearing in one episode. He played Mary Stuart's new love interest, Martin Tourneur, on Search for Tomorrow from 1980 until April 1984. He returned to the cast of Days of Our Lives a second time, this time as Victor Kiriakis, in July 1985, and continues to play the role as of 2021. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

The news comes months after it was reported that Jen and her dad have mended their relationship during the lockdown. The Mail Online reported that the actress " forgave her father for walking out a long time ago. But their relationship has had its ups and downs." However, Jen has worked through reconnecting with him during the lockdown and they have been talking on the phone every day. The insider also added that the father-daughter conversations last long. The report also added that John is "thrilled" that they have reconciled. (Source: www.pinkvilla.com)


Born on the island of Crete, John Aniston is fluent in both Greek and Spanish. He graduated from Penn State University with a BA in Theater Arts, served in the US Navy as an intelligence officer on active duty in Panama and later in the reserve attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Aniston's big acting debut was acting in the New York musical, 'Little Mary Sunshine.' He has worked some 40 other productions on Broadway, in regional stock, Equity Wavier Theaters and dozens of primetime television shows and feature films. Most recently, he has appeared in the Hollywood Production of the greatest of American dramas, 'Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman.' (Source: soaps.sheknows.com)

Aniston was born into a Hollywood family. Both of her parents were actors. Her mother, Nancy Dow, appeared in films including The Wild Wild West and Mr. Terrific. Dow was the first wife of Aniston’s father, John Aniston. The couple was married for over 15 years before John left Dow for another woman, Sherry Rooney. Aniston had a strained relationship with her mother throughout her adulthood but appeared to make amends before Dow died. (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)


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