James Charles.

James Charles.

James Charles

The worldwide superstar says he’s still not getting paid for his likeness, but this latest news might actually be something that actually puts him on others’ lips. At the beginning of the year, James Charles filed a federal lawsuit, alleging that he’s not receiving fair compensation for his fans’ tattoos. Noting his name’s similarity to the Superman actor Henry Cavill, the branding giant claims he’s not getting what he deserves.

The Feud Between Tati Westbrook and James Charles Was Over Business. or so We Thought.

)To understand what prompted Westbrook to call out Charles, and how it damaged Charles to the extent that it has, is to understand the workings of the YouTube beauty vlogger community. Westbrook is the rare YouTube beauty guru who does not take sponsorship money from brands to promote their products on her videos. Though she receives products to review from cosmetic brands’ public relations departments, she has been very adamant about not receiving compensation from them, even including screenshots of email correspondence from brands to prove it. This has been true since she started vlogging in 2011, and has helped account for her popularity and establish her as a trustworthy figur

Tati Westbrook Made It About More Than Money. She Blew Open a Discussion About Charles’s Alleged Predatory Behavior.

Westbrook called Charles’s choice to film a SugarBear ad just the latest in a string of crass, even manipulative behavior. She claimed Charles has a tendency to boast about approaching straight men and then “cracking” their sexuality.

Becoming an Influencer Means Turning Yourself Into a Brand. James Charles Is Finding That Out the Hard Way.

What lies at the heart of Charles’s scandals is that he doesn’t view himself as a business beyond, of course, being the shill. His more minor controversies, like the Ebola “joke” and tour prices, already showed a myopic view of how his behavior reflects his brand. But his inability to separate his personal issues and opinions from his business dealings may be because the line is nonexisten

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Legends Aren't Born; They Are Made.

The Bogaty family has traditionally hailed from the Italian Alps where extended relatives of the Bogaty family own and operate a small vineyard. Two generations after Ludwig Bogati immigrated to the United States, James “Jim” Charles Bogaty decided it was time to return to his family’s roots.



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