Jack's Big Music Show

Jack's Big Music Show

Jack's Big Music Show

Jack’s Big Music Show is an online radio station dedicated to the finest in classic tunes. Tune in to hear beautiful harmonies, vintage instruments, and pristine vocals across all genres. The station is broadcast across the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Jack's Big Music Show (tv Series 2005–

A young boy shows the importance of music with his loyal dog and best friend.A young boy shows the importance of music with his loyal dog and best friend.A young boy shows the importance of music with his loyal dog and best friend.

‎jack's Big Music Show: Let's Rock on Itunes

The Little Bad Wolf blows open the clubhouse door, interrupting Jack, Daisy and Mel who are jamming away, practicing their band Strawberry Swirl. 

The Parents' Guide to What's in This Movie.

Parents need to know that this fun-filled series not only introduces children to the joys of listening and dancing to music, but also explores the various components that go into making music -- such as rhythm, lyrics, and instruments. The endearing puppet characters also encourage creativity by suggesting that viewers can use everyday objects for making music. 

What's the Story?

The star of Noggin's rockin' series is Jack, a cool, music-loving puppet who hangs out in his backyard clubhouse with best puppet pals Mary and Mel the dog. The trio makes lively music together (Jack plays the guitar, Mary the accordion, and Mel the drums), and each episode involves some sort of music-related adventure or dilemma that they must solve -- such as being granted three wishes from Prudence the musical genie, or figuring out how to get their instruments back when Sheldon the Grumpy Squirrel makes them disappear. Special musical guests usually drop by the clubhouse to perform, talk about instruments, or help solve the problem at hand (usually through song), and sometimes guests play characters in the story. Each episode includes a music video, often by acclaimed children's vocal artist Laurie Berkner, whose fun, original songs feature positive, inspiring lyrics. And, on occasion, a winsome a capella puppet quartet pops up to sing a ditty. 

Is It Any Good?

All of the puppets in Jack's Big Music Show are wonderfully cute and funny, and the silly humor -- on a par with Sesame Street's -- never fails to hit its mark. And aside from the educational value of some of the music, the lively songs the puppets play are sure to get any toddler bouncing to the beat. Many of the videos show children dancing around, which encourages young viewers to move to the music.


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