Jack posobiec

Jack posobiec

Jack posobiec

Leigh Corfman's account is bizarre. She was elected by the people of Alabama to be their senator. She had no sex with Moore, but is now accusing Moore of pursuing her when she tried to cut the interview short. How would she know he was pursuing her?'


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Jack Posobiec is the Senior Editor of Human Events, a political news and analysis outlet founded in 1944. Prior to that, Posobiec served as a Washington, D.C. correspondent at One America News Network. Posobiec is a veteran intelligence officer of the United States Navy with multiple deployments, including Guantanamo Bay and East Asia. At Guantanamo Bay, Posobiec served as a HUMINT (human intelligence) analyst in the interrogation cell. In 2014, he joined the Office of Naval Intelligence as an officer at the Kennedy Irregular Warfare Center which provided intelligence to Navy Special Warfare and Navy Expeditionary Combat Command. (Source: www.ccu.edu)

Paperback. Condition: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. Few in the media have followed Antifa more closely - and have the scars to prove it - than journalist Jack Posobiec. From infiltrating their 2016 meetings where they planned their attack on Trump's inauguration to going undercover in Seattle's CHAZ in 2020, Posobiec has never backed down from exposing the true nature of Antifa.In The Antifa, Posobiec uncovers the secret history of this radical anarchist group, while integrating his personal encounters with some of its most hardcore and violent members. While until recently few Americans were aware of Antifa's existence, Posobiec shows that, in fact, it is part of a violent revolutionary tradition that dates back more than a hundred years. Like its predecessors, most recently including the Weathermen terrorists of the 1960's, it is driven by an overriding aim: the overthrow of the existing political order and capitalism itself, and replacing it with a communist state.Antifa saw and seized its chance in 2020. Because it was not brought to heel - indeed, was encouraged in its violent mayhem by sympathetic city and state governments -- it now looms as a greater threat than ever before. In fact, as Posobiec shows, Antifa is today better positioned than were any of its radical forebears to actually achieve its goal. 


In May 2017, Posobiec hired neo-Nazi brothers Jeffrey and Edward Clark to help create a documentary about the murder of Seth Rich for Rebel News. Jeffrey Clark was arrested by the FBI on gun charges after saying that the Jewish victims of the October 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting "deserved exactly what happened to them and so much worse". (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Posobiec falsely said that former FBI director James Comey, at a United States Senate hearing on May 17, 2017, "said under oath that Trump did not ask him to halt any investigation". The claim was later repeated by conservative personalities and media outlets, including Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the InfoWars website. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

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