Is dog with a blog on Disney plus

Is dog with a blog on Disney plus

Dog with a Blog is an American television sitcom that premiered on Disney Channel from Discovery Day, 2012 to September 25, 2015, following the premiere of Girl Vs. Monster. It stars G. Hannelius, Blake Michael, Francesca Capaldi, Stephen Full, Regan Burns, and Beth Little ford. The show was co-created by Michael B. Kaplan, who also co-created Disney XD's I'm within the Band, within which Hannelius, Full, Burns, and Little ford have all previously starred or appeared. On February 4, 2013, Disney Channel renewed the series for a second season. Its average Nielsen rating was 3.4 for season 1. a 3rd season was ordered by Disney on February 4, 2014. On March 28, 2015, Beth Little ford stated that the series was cancelled and also the third season would be its last. The series ended on September 25, 2015. The series became available to stream on Disney+ on February 26, 2021.

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When is ‘Dog With A Blog’ Coming to Disney Plus ?

Dog With A Blog is a comedy television series that aired on Disney Channel from October 12, 2012 to September 25, 2015. Set in Pasadena, California, a new family discovers that their dog, Stan, can talk. Unbeknownst to the family, Stan also has a blog where he discusses happenings in the Jennings-James household. The children learn of Stan’s talking ability in the first episode and agree to keep it a secret from their parents, fearing if the world finds out that Stan can talk, he will be taken away for experimentation.

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One of the most commonly asked questions since Disney+ launched is when is the popular Disney Channel show, “Dog With A Blog” being added.

The show tells the story of step-siblings Tyler and Avery, who have trouble getting along in their new, blended family. So Dad adopts a dog in the hopes of bringing the kids together. That happens, to some extent, when the kids discover that their new dog Stan can talk. Tyler and Avery finally agree on one thing: Stan’s ability to speak must be kept a secret.

There are 69 episodes, spread across three seasons, that aired on Disney Channel from October 12th, 2012 to September 25th, 2015.


Unfortunately, right now, the show isn’t available on Disney+ in any country, and no official Disney+ release has yet been confirmed. Disney only announces new additions to its streaming service around a month before they added.


However, if you can’t wait for a Disney+ release, currently, the show is available on digital platforms to purchase such as Amazon and YouTube. It’s not available on any other streaming services.

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While no Disney+ release has yet been announced, we would expect the show to be added eventually, but it does seem like Disney is spreading out some of it content for future releases.

If you want to see “Dog With A Blog” added to Disney+, make sure you request the show via the


Would you like to see “Dog With A Blog” added to Disney+ soon?

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