Iona basketball roster

Iona basketball roster

Iona basketball roster

I’ve made the jump into writing on the internet. And during my first few weeks of freelance work, I ended up feeling pretty isolated. Ideally, I’d be on vacation, but instead I had to write 12 articles in one month. Here are some personal thoughts on how I successfully navigated the first five weeks of deadline hell.


Isidora Goreshter was born on October 24, 1981 in Long Beach, California and is an actress known for her parts in Paranoia as hospital nurse number one, T Is for Twig as Lina, Elena in Season 2 of 2 Broke Girls and Shameless as Svetlana Milkovich. Before fame, she studied classical ballet before training as as actressat the Stella Adler Conversatory. She graduated from California State University with an art, history and theatre degree. She has starred in numerous Broadway productions such as Beirut, Waiting for Godot and The Smell of the Kill. Isidora reveal that her character was initially a co-starring character, but then become a recurring character of the show. Later, she was promoted as series regular in season 7.

Her first role as an actress did not come early. She was quite busy working on her skills in the gym, which means she did not spend a lot of time focused on anything else. To be this good at gymnastics requires ample time and effort, and it requires you spend most of your days practicing and refining your skill. She did that, and she’s good enough to prove it. But, she did get her first major acting job in a film called “Paranoia,” which put her alongside a few famous faces. Maybe you’ve heard of Gary Oldman and Liam Hemsworth? Or maybe you’ve heard of an actor by the name of Harrison Ford? Yes, well, those were some of her very first costars. Not bad, right? (Source: tvovermind.com)

In addition to being a successful gymnast and actress, she’s also a woman who values her education over many things. She has dual degrees. She has one in theatre, which makes perfect sense given her line of work and her choice to go into the acting world. The other is in art history, which is not a bad degree to have, either.

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