en.wikip2.2 2018–2019: Solo debut with "Twit" and further solo projects (Source:edia.org www.koreaMAMAMOO's Hwasa wants to apologize to people around her with new track 'I'm a B' (Source:times.co.kr www.soompiMAMAMOO’s Hwasa has made her solo comeback with her second single album “Guilty Pleasure” and title track “I’m a B”! (Source:.com www.nme.comHwasa of MAMAMOO has dropped a music video for her brand-new single, ‘I’m A ë¹›’. (Source: en.wikipediaAt the end of 2020, "Maria" was featured in Billboard's article "A Look Back at Billboard's K-Pop 100 Chart in 2020 and All Its Big Players." "Maria" charted with a record 19 consecutive weeks in the top-ten, making it the song with the second most weeks in the chart's top-ten. (Source:.org en.wikipedia."Maria" was then featured in Paper Magazine at number 27 of their "40 Best K-pop Songs of 2020". The article mentioned that "Hwasa is known to many as a fearless person but her single 'Maria' deconstructs that image, casting an image of a young woman who is at once vulnerable and confident, playful and seductive — idol and human." (Source:org en.wikipedia.oTime magazine released an article titled, "The Songs and Albums That Defined K-Pop's Monumental Year in 2020," and stated that "of the solo releases this year, Hwasa's "Maria" leaves the most searing impression. The track is sleek and sultry, oozing with her distinct charisma as she sings in her low-toned, rounded voice over syncopated drum beats." 

Mamamoo’s Hwasa Says ‘i’m a ë¹›’ Is an Apology to Her Loved Ones

www.koreatimes.co.kr)"Through the lyrics, I tried to say sorry to my family and friends in a witty way, without making a direct apology," Hwasa said during an online press conference Wednesday that took place a few hours ahead of the EP's release. "I think I missed out on a lot of things in my life as I worked too hard to move forward. In fact, I was hysterical and overly sensitive at times… I also did not take good care of people next to me and I felt guilty about that. Therefore, I wanted to express these feelings with the song." (Source:

"I had been gearing up for this EP for more than a year and during that period, I frequently felt like I was lost," she said. "I went through a tough time to achieve musical maturity, so I could not just enjoy the preparation process. But still, I loved working on music and the entire process helped me take a further leap in my career. So based on these complex thoughts and feelings, I decided to name my EP Guilty Pleasure."

During the press event, Hwasa, who has been continuing her winning streak as a soloist, also disclosed how she tried to differentiate "Guilty Pleasure" from her previous hit EP "Maria" (2020). (Source: www.koreatimes.co.kr)"Guilty Pleasure" also carries two more pieces including "FOMO" and "Bless U." Hwasa revealed that "FOMO," or "Fear of Missing Out," is an anthem about overcoming fear.


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