Hurricane Larry Weather

Hurricane Larry Weather

Hurricane Larry Weather

Hurricane Larry Weather

Hurricane Larry is a category 3 with 125 mile per hour winds and a record 10 feet of rain so far. Hurricane Larry is going to be a big mover, but traders in the British pound and shares in a company called Van Tuyls are not too impressed.


A notable storm surge is also reported over portions of the Burin peninsula and southern Avalon, with the tide at Argentia showing a peak water level of about 150 centimetres higher than normal. About 30 millimetres of rain fell in a very short period of time at the centre of the storm. Hurricane warnings remain in effect for the Avalon Peninsula for now but the national weather agency is predicting they will likely be ended in a few hours as the centre of Larry continues to pull away.

There are no changes to the watches and warnings at this time, but the National Hurricane Center notes the center appears to be reforming farther north, which would shift the path Nicholas takes. (Source: abc13.com)


After a rather dry stretch, rain returns to the area this week. While we could see a few small showers Monday night and on Tuesday, the beneficial rain looks to move in Wednesday morning. We'll take a closer look at the timing tonight on WRAL News.

The Atlantic Basin is mostly quiet. The National Hurricane Center is monitoring an area about 400 miles northeast of Bermuda for potential tropical development. The risk for subtropical storm formation is "medium" (50%) during the next five days. If named, the storm would take the first name from the new supplemental list which is "Adria". (Source: abc13.com)


Larry will do the extratropical shuffle after passing by Newfoundland, and add yet another trick to its repertoire: snow. The storm will keep going north and, in the words of the NHC, is “expected to merge with a large extratropical low over the Labrador Sea on Sunday.” That extra zap of atmospheric energy will give Larry renewed power to bring heavy snow to Greenland as it passes by the island. Snowfall totals could reach an astounding 3 to 5 feet (1 to 2 meters) on the southeastern part of the island.

Hurricane Larry continues to bring tropical storm force wind and heavy rain to Bermuda. At 2 pm, Larry was located 170 miles ENE of Bermuda with tropical storm force wind extending up to 220 miles away from its center. Larry continues to pack wind of 90 mph and will move northward and then NNE toward Newfoundland where hurricane conditions are expected late Friday into early Saturday. Larry will then move further north into colder water of the North Atlantic and become extratropical. (Source: www.fox4now.com)




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