Hunter ginny and georgia tap dancing

Hunter ginny and georgia tap dancing

Hunter ginny and georgia tap dancing

Sunshine and good times may be fleeting, but a good book is always a good read. What books have touched your heart and added character to your life?


Hunter is a popular guy at school. When Ginny Miller moves to Wellsbury, Massachusetts and attends the same school, Hunter soon shows interest in her. He makes his friend Maxine Baker ask Ginny if she's single. He later asks her if she can hang out. After she agrees, he telAt the date, Ginny tells Hunter about where she's from. However, he tells her to skip over the "typical first-date stuff" and get to the "juicy bits" of their lives. Ginny is surprisingly enjoying herself. When Hunter drops her off, Ginny gets super nervous and instead of kissing her, he hugs her instead.At the Sophomore Sleepover, Hunter kisses Ginny in the photo booth. When the Sophomore Sleepover finishes, Hunter asks Ginny if she will be his girlfriend and as he asks, Marcus walks by. She accepts his proposal, and Marcus looks annoyed.

Ginny and friends attend Battle of the Bands, where Hunter will be performing. Before Hunter goes on stage, Ginny tells him that she feels he doesn’t like her. Hunter gets on stage and dedicates a song to Ginny. Marcus looks on, and he looks insanely jealous as Ginny looks happy and overwhelmed by the performance. Afterward, Hunter tells Ginny that he didn’t respond to the photo because he respects her. Ginny tells Hunter that she wants him to think she’s hot. (Source:ginnyandgeorgia.fandom.com)


In the series premiere, we meet almost-16-year-old Ginny Miller (Antonia Gentry), her gorgeous mother Georgia (Brianne Howey), and her younger brother Austin (Diesel La Torraca) as they're picking up and moving to Wellsbury, MA. It doesn't take long before we find out that picking up and moving is nothing new to the Miller family, but things in Wellsbury feel different for them. Ginny has a group of friends! Her first boyfriend! And an adolescent attitude that we have all admittedly been privy to. It feels like for the first time, Ginny is on top of the world. But what goes up, must come down, and with that comes some decisions.

Upon pulling into Wellsbury, Ginny is instantly smitten with Marcus Baker (Felix Mallard), the handsome bad boy who just happens to live across the street. And on the first day of school, she locks eyes with Hunter Chen (Mason Temple), the also-handsome, straight-A student in her new group of friends. Like any series that takes place in high school, Ginny & Georgia gives us a good old-fashioned love triangle. However, in this case, the question is not which guy should Ginny end up with, but rather which guy is less terrible for Ginny? Since there is truly no right answer here and we can all appreciate the drama that is being a teenager, two POPSUGAR editors have come together to dispute the Hunter-Ginny-Marcus affair like the mature adults that we are. Are you Team Marcus or Team Hunter? Let's dive into the latest edition of Ship Wars. (Source: www.popsugar.com)




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