HR Guest Post: Professional Content

HR Guest Post: Professional Content

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If you've decided to write a guest post for a website, blog, or e-zine. You're doing yourself a favor because it's likely you won't regret the decision. It doesn't matter whether you're applying for a job or just wanting to share your thoughts and advice. Guest posts and guest blogger posts help you to get your name and insight shared online. But don't just dive in and think you can write a ho-hum post and see what happens.


Our TalentLyft's Blog covers various topics from the world of human resources and recruitment. And we are always happy to have new great contributors to inform and educate our reader's first hand! However, our inbox often gets filled with numerous requests, and sometimes it’s a challenge to respond to all of them. (Source: www.talentlyft.com)

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Do you have a story to share with the world, but need a human touch in pitching it to a blog? Each week, we eagerly await the next tech piece from tech startups and tech-focused publications, but there's one thing they may be missing: you! From tech-themed news to tech lifestyle, Share a Story Day is a way for tech-focused organizations to open up their platforms. And share a story from a tech founder's perspective.

Keeping employees engaged is quite the balancing act, and more than ever employees want to be valued and invested in. Furthering an employee’s development. And training helps them feel that the organization cares about their career goals. And assures them they’re more than a grunt on the bottom rung. Recognition helps employees feel validated for the effort, energy, and time they’ve invested in the organization. (Source: www.bamboohr.com)

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When it comes to posting on your company blog what is the easiest way for you to create content with the most power?

Workology (formerly known as Blogging for Jobs) features a collection of posts from more than 100 published writers. The blog aims to advise HR workers on every level from intern to executive. Whether you’re trying to land your first HR job or you are revamping benefits for a large company, Workology offers timely advice for navigating the field and improving your skills in the industry. (Source:www.bamboohr.com)


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If you're not using blog posts to promote your listings, we hope we can do the opposite and HELP with your blog post-marketing. We can write and publish guest posts for you and make sure you get the maximum benefits. And long-term improvements to your website and marketing.

What it’s all about: Eddy HR is helping HR professionals explore new ideas and topics in human resources through a clear and concise voice. Their content is relevant to HR trends, topics, and issues, often providing comprehensive insight that helps readers understand more about HR. The blog features different categories users can sort through such as benefits, PTO, payroll, company culture, and other related topics. With key information that proves beneficial for readers within each post. (Source: snacknation.com)


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