How to write a guest post: SEO Content

How to write a guest post: SEO Content

How to write a guest post


Writing a Guest Post

Writing a guest post means you get the opportunity to get your ideas or views heard by a large group of people. Guest articles are written by people outside of the field, which can be helpful to give your site an outside perspective. They often provide fresh ideas often missed by the local members who visit the website regularly.

Focus on any possible Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opportunities your collaboration could provide. For example, “I notice there’s an opportunity for a better SEO rank on this topic. My article could help you grow that side of your content even more.” (Source: scribemedia.com)

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Ours is the world of content marketing, which also means the world of guest blogging. If you are wondering what guest blogging actually is, it's helping people in your industry create content for their website or blog. That may sound like a tedious task at first, but you should not be scared. The different opportunities available in the business permit you to collaborate with other bloggers in order to enter into guest posting. You are actually building brand recognition, growing your audience, and generating powerful traffic for yourself.

Most bloggers I see pump out these articles while reciting the mantra “quantity over quality”. There’s no real strategy and there are no real long-term benefits. (Source: copyblogger.com)

Guest Blogging


If you're looking to improve your site’s blog SEO by becoming a guest blogger, the process is less complicated than you might think. Many platforms provide instructions on how to get started with guest blogging, so you can get started with what you love, blog!

After this, find out the best topic and use a keyword on which one you can build your content (tools to use. MOZ Explorer, Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest). Write the content, don’t forget about their guidelines, and make sure you have some. Strong and powerful content that people will love to read and share. (Source:www.pointvisible.com)


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