How to write a Guest Post pitch

How to write a Guest Post pitch

How to write a Guest Post pitch

Guest Post

Writing a guest post can help you spread your reach to grow your personal brand. Achieve better exposure for your content and improve your visibility. Guest posts are also an essential source of income because they are accessible to influencers. Which could potentially open the doors for more exposure. Realistically, your guest posts are your shot at viral content, so you must know what your guest posts are going to be about!

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Guest Post Pitch

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Our brand-new platform, FutureStarr.com, has skyrocketed in the past months. We are now looking for contributors to provide meaningful content that can help people understand. How to take advantage of this revolutionary vehicle to learn, develop, and gain the insights to take their futures to the top.

If you’re lucky, you may sometimes have sites reach out to you and offer you a chance to guest post. However, often you’ll be the one who has to make contact. At this point, you should be ready to reach out and ask the target blog if they’re interested in working with you. (Source: themeisle.com)

Learn how to ask to provide a Guest Post

With submitting a Guest Post to a publication, we understand that we could charge a fee if we published your article. Nevertheless, we want to give our writers and readers the chance to publish their work on our site. And we appreciate the work and effort you would put in to create and write a Guest Post for us. So how can we afford to let you write for us for free?

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When creating guest posts, find out which articles of your target get the most search traffic and shares. Great helpers are Ahrefs and Buzzsumo. This study will help you understand topics that are popular and interesting to their audience. Then conduct topic/keyword research so that your post gets as much organic traffic as possible. Your efforts will be appreciated. When you contact the site owner, write what preparatory work you have done and what advantages your article has. (Source: www.pointvisible.com)

Search the right Guest Post Site to publish your content

Guest blog posting is a great way to increase blog traffic and broaden your branding and content offerings. Guest Posting websites usually allow them to write for promoting their website and blog. Which can result in high referral traffic for the guest blogger. If you haven't already become a recognized blogger who has a publishing calendar filled with high-quality content. Guest Posts are a great way to build your credibility as a thought leader, authority, and thought leader.

This is ideal because then we can get right into working on the post and getting it on the editorial calendar. Even if it’s something we can’t use, we know right away and that author can then work to find another venue for their piece. (Source: bloggingwizard.com)

Provide the right blogger article for the people

There are lots of factors that come into play when you're looking to publish a Guest Post. The factors that you should keep in mind when penning a Guest Post. Are called the DA score, the Quality Score, the Keyword, and the Blogger. These are vital when you're trying to find a suitable site for your content to be published on. You should not come up with a Guest Post idea and expect a website to simply publish it after a few clicks.

Don’t go too crazy on introductions though. Remember, people care about the headline you’re pitching much more than they care about you. Do only a minimum in terms of talking about yourself. (Source: bloggingwizard.com)

Provide a free guest posting offer

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Here are some of the things you need to have in mind while writing your Guest Post. Keep them in mind while conducting research to search for the right kind of publications for your Guest Post.

When you are pitching you need to be the one to offer topics, going as far as already coming up with potential article titles. If you pitch without doing this, it will require more emails back and forth before you are able to get rolling. (Source: upcity.com)


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