How to Start a Podcastor

How to Start a Podcastor

How to Start a Podcast

Making a podcast is not easy. A lot of people will tell you that it’s a hard sell to get companies to purchase radio advertising, let alone think about paying for a podcast, but the reality of making a show out of your content is a lot simpler than most people think.


When you sign up for media hosting, you often get a free website with it too. Buzzsprout, Captivate, and Transistor all give you a simple but decent-looking site for your podcast. If you’re running a hobby show, this is a good option to keep things nice and easy. You might also fancy taking a look at Podpage which can build a great looking podcast website for you in minutes. (Source:

riverside.fm)Like Apple, it’s easy (and free) to distribute your podcast to Spotify. The platform partners with many hosting sites—such as Podbean, Simplecast, and Anchor—which makes it simple to authorize Spotify as a distribution platform for your podcast. If your host isn’t one of Spotify’s partners, simply log into Spotify for podcasters with your Spotify account. (Source:


The rise of podcasts can be traced to the diversity of content offerings, but it can also be attributed to the relative ease of starting one: you don’t need a fancy recording studio or any degree or certification to get started, and there are few distribution hurdles to overcome. But with thousands of podcasts available on sites like iTunes and Amazon (not to mention the thousands of others you can find on YouTube and Soundcloud), it may be easy to start a podcast – but harder to maintain its success.

You’ll need something to record your podcasts onto, and somewhere to house all your raw interviews and tracks. A number of podcasters we spoke to use the Apple MacBook Pro ($1449.99 on Amazon.com), which gets you up to 10 hours of battery life and features an eighth-generation quad-core Intel Core i5 processor for hyper fast and reliable recording. The 13″ model is super thin and lightweight (just over three pounds), making it easy to tote around on location. (Source: www.rollingstone.com)



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