How to Skip Social Media and Document Your Life with Other Methods

How to Skip Social Media and Document Your Life with Other Methods

Gratitude is one of the best ways to appreciate your life and live more at the moment. By taking moments to pause and think about what we are most grateful for, we stop focusing on anxieties and all the things we feel we should have. One gratitude practice that you may not have considered is documenting your life. There are many ways to do this, and every person finds their favorite way of immortalizing their favorite memories.

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Social media is probably the most popular way to document your life in the 21st century, but it comes with some downsides. For one, social media is a place where most people feel pressured to only show the best aspects of their lives or a highlight reel as it is so often called. The fact that others are going to see what you share, whether your account is public or private, means you might feel tempted to only share when something really good happens. Worse, you could find yourself exaggerating qualities about yourself or life in order to make it appear better than it actually is for others. This deters gratitude in two ways.

First, you stop living in the moment and try to capture the best side of everything. If you've to have a good day and want to remember it, you shouldn't have to take 50 or more pictures and settle on the perfect one. Second, you evaluate your life through the conditioned lens of what's attractive online, not what's meaningful to you. It doesn't matter if that artwork you posted only got two likes. Did you feel good making it? Are you proud of it? To reclaim your own gratitude, it can be helpful to shift offline and begin working on personal practices. Below are a few that you may enjoy.


A journal does not have to be ornate or expensive. It can be a few sheets of computer paper folded and stapled together. What matters most is that it's a place you reserve to write about your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Journaling has therapeutic benefits that range from greater emotional regulation to more stable moods. You can also use your journal to track things like hobbies and exercise. To truly turn your journal into a keepsake treasure, invest in some stationary kits and begin decorating the pages with stickers, paper, tape, and more. Do not forget to date your pages so that when you look back on your memories you have a timeline to reflect on. You can glue things like ticket stubs and notes from loved ones and include plenty of pictures to truly capture memories.


You don't need a fancy degree to make documentaries. Filmmaking is an act of passion and creativity. You are shaping your unique perception and mood during a certain time in your life through film. To pull this off, you'll want to get some decent equipment like a good camera, boom mic, and editing software. This can be expensive, but the initial investment is worth all the incredible moments you'll be able to watch back in vivid detail later. If the cost of getting started with filmmaking is putting you off, consider borrowing a loan from a private lender to ease the financial burden. You can explore various options and choose a plan that works well for you. There are also other options to consider, including equipment rental.

Poetry Writing

Poetry can be heavily structured or not and there is no wrong way to write a poem and express yourself. You aren't confined to any standard, rhyme scheme, or format. Instead, consider starting off by writing short poems that capture your life. Aim for no more than three to six lines per day. You can slowly gather them into an anthology, and your own photography or drawings can support them as illustrations.


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