How to Send a Letteror

How to Send a Letteror

How to Send a Letter

It’s easy to send a letter, but not to get one in return. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to getting your letter read, answered, responded to, and ultimately, responded to.


Address the envelope. Write the address of the recipient in the middle of the front of the envelope. Include the recipient's name, apartment or house number, street name, city, state or province, and zip or postal code. Use the nine- or eleven-digit zip code if you know it. You may use the two-letter postal code for the state if you wish. Use clear, printed, upper-case letters written in dark ink so that any postal employee will be able to read your writing quickly and accurately.

Use a first-class stamp. If you're mailing a letter of standard size weighing less than an ounce and addressed to a U.S. address (including an APO or FPO address), place one first-class stamp in the top-right corner of the letter. Stamps are available for purchase at any post office, online at USPS.com, and at various retail stores. (Source: www.wikihow.com)


No. In most countries, regular sized letters/postcards cost a minimal fee to mail; this fee is represented by a postage stamp, which you can purchase from your local post office. Stamp prices can vary, but if you are sending a domestic letter that weighs under one ounce (this applies to the U.S. only), a letter only requires one stamp to send.

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