How to get Guest Posts: SEO Content

How to get Guest Posts: SEO Content

How to get Guest Posts


Guest Posts

If you are struggling to get your guest post accepted, the major causes of rejection are having an irrelevant topic. An unengaging, shallow, or incoherent post, and not following the submission instructions. Make sure you only submit your post once it is perfect; be patient, revise, and re-submit with your next article.

While you want to make sure that your topic fits the site and serves the publisher’s audience. Keep in mind that it needs to serve your interests as well. Choose topics that will allow you to promote your interests, refer to your industry, and connect with your ideal audience. (Source: blog.alexa.com)

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Have you ever wondered how some blogs get so much traffic? They typically do it by guest posting. Getting guest posts on these websites is not the easiest process, but if done correctly. You can increase traffic, brand awareness, and credibility when you can parlay having a guest post in their content.

Start by looking for sites that attract and interest your audience. If you aren’t sure what your audience is interested in, use a buyer persona template to create a profile of your ideal customer. Also, use Alexa’s Audience Interest Tool to discover what topics your audience cares about and what sites they visit most. (Source: blog.alexa.com)


Here at FutureStarr.com, we provide our writers with the ability to be able to provide quality guest posts for reputable blogs. And websites with guest posts that can be read by a lot of people. But how does one get a guest post published on a reputable blog?


Aim for websites in your niche with Domain Authorities above 50. To save time during your search. Find an article featuring the top blogs and websites accepting guest posts, with Domain Authority scores added in. (Source: www.adamenfroy.com)


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