How to Force Quit a Macor

How to Force Quit a Macor

How to Force Quit a Mac

The Force Quit app is a handy tool for users on OS X with advanced knowledge of their computer and how to use Terminal. But starting a Force Quit isn't always straightforward. For example, you'll need to restart your computer and your computer might not be responding if you Force Quit on El Capitan or Yosemite.


Forcing Mac to quit the application does resolve the problem but may have downsides. When you close an application in the traditional manner, it will clean everything it runs in the background and alert you to save the work. When you force close on Mac, you may end up losing files and data, or mess things up on the drive. Although the effect will only be related to that one particular application that got stuck, sometimes it can hurt.

The Finder tool helps you find and organise all your documents, media, folders, and other files. It's the first thing you see when your Mac starts, and it's always available when you're using other apps. So, if Finder should ever freeze, your Mac will be temporarily useless. Luckily, you can force Finder to quit when it stops responding. Just select Finder in the Force Quit window, and then click Relaunch. (Source: www.pocket-lint.com)


Normally when you press the power button a message is sent to your system telling it that you want to close it down. The system then usually responds by putting the machine to sleep. Holding the button down for longer will give you a dialog box with various options such as Restart, Sleep, or Shut Down. But in a severe system crash, even this option might not appear.

If an app has become unresponsive, then there's a good chance that trying to place your mouse pointer over the menu bar at the top of the screen will result in a spinning beach ball that doesn't allow you to select any options. You can of course give the app some time to resolve its issue, but if the problem persists then the app will need closing and launching again. (Source: www.macworld.co.uk)


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