How to find a blog

How to find a blog


These days, there are blogs for just about every topic under the sun. Whether you want political news, woodworking ideas, or makeup tips, you can find a knowledgeable blogger who has plenty of information to share. But with so many blogs out there, it can be tough to wade through all the options to find the ones that match your interests. However, you can narrow down the field by using search engines, blog directories, and social media to track down interesting blogs that suit your interests.

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How to find blogs you'll love

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 How to find a blog

Find Blogs From a Blogging Platform

Using Google's inurl command to search for sites hosted on Blogger platforms is easy to do. Tumblr is another platform for blogging, and you can find new ones to read there. Check out some of the weirdest blogs on Tumblr to find out what you'll find on the site's trending page. Use the search bar to see what you might find with a keyword or two in your search engine for other sites hosting on that platform to read and find something new to do with a search bar at the top of the site.


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Finding blogs you like is great for anyone as a reader, and even more important if you’re a blogger yourself.

In order to grow and promote your blog, it’s important to make connections with other bloggers and find ways to help each other out.

1. Find Curated Lists of Blogs

The first, and most elementary thanks to rummage around for blogs is to use simple Google searches like:

You can do all those variations of searches, except for the foremost part they’ll return nearly identical results.

Note those down during a spreadsheet or computer file, we’ll be using them presently within the other methods.


2. RSS Feed Readers are a good place to begin

RSS feed readers are designed to trace new blog posts and continue thus far with blogs you wish.

But they’re also good tools to find new blogs, especially the most important ones.

Arguably the most important feed reader is Feedly, and it’s the one i like to recommend.

Once you create a free account, click on “+Add content” within the bottom left to travel to the discover sources page.

You can search a keyword, or a hashtag if you have got one in mind:

The search results should be an inventory of the 20 top blogs for that topic. you'll be able to like better to follow them if you propose on continuing to use Feedly, or simply copy them down now.

There're 2 ways to seek out even more blogs from these results.

First, you'll be able to click the rings icon for any site within the results

This will do a brand new seek for that site, which can say related sites.

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Second, you'll click on the suggested hashtags under your search term if you think that any of them are related:

Again, you’ll get new search results with some new blogs.

If you continue this process for 20 minutes around, you ought to easily have an inventory of the 50-100 most relevant, popular blogs.

3. Social Media For Blog Directories

One of the explanations that blog directories have fallen out of favor is that it’s easy to get new content with social media.

Although any social network will be employed in a way to seek out new blogs, the most effective ones in my experience are Pinterest and Twitter.

You’ll must create a free account to use Pinterest if you don’t have already got one.

You’ll come back to a grid of all the pins that are relevant.

Next, click any of the pins to expand it, so click the link back to the web site that the image was originally posted on:

advanced blog search

Searching different keywords can cite significantly different results, so repeat this process with a minimum of some keywords.

The difference here is that you simply can filter the results for “people”:

From there you'll be able to check if they need a vigorous blog or not.

For some topics you’ll find many blogs this fashion, but only some for others. It are often a hit-or-miss method.


4. study Comments of position Blogs

This is the simplest thanks to find bloggers who are active in their community and are presumably to be receptive to a message from you.

Go to those popular blogs that you just collected using any of the primary few methods on this page.

Since they’re popular, they’ll tend to own a minimum of several, if not hundreds, of comments on each blog post. Many of those comments are left by bloggers.

Some might not link to their blog, but mention it within the “name” section of the comment or within the comment itself.

I’d recommend longing a minimum of 5-10 posts for every blog.

Ideally, the posts are opened up across time and across different topics. this offers you the foremost diverse set of blog commenters.


5. Directories Still Exist if you recognize Where to appear

I wouldn’t use directories as my only thanks to find new blogs, but they're fine to incorporate collectively method.

Here are a number of the highest directories that also exist:

Most are self-explanatory, just find your topic and you’ll get an inventory of blogs.

For Medium specifically, there’s an additional step.

This will provide you with a listing of Medium posts, but not blogs.


6. Blog rolls Aren’t Common, But Still There

This one’s dead simple, but effective for locating less popular blogs, which might still be useful.

Blogrolls are simply lists of blogs that somebody follows.

They’re not popular anymore, but wont to be one amongst the most effective ways to seek out new blogs.blogroll

If you discover that the list is simply too old, filter the Google search results by year by visiting “tools.”


7. Use The “Inurl” Operator to search out More Blogs

This is one among the simplest ways to make an exhaustive list of blogs, fast.

Google has loads of advanced search operators which will be accustomed get more relevant results.

One of these is basically useful here, the “inurl” operator.

All the results will have the word “blog” within the URL.

You can manually undergo these results, or use an online scraping plugin to extract an enormous list of blogs, with only a few irrelevant results.


8. Find The People Behind Blogs

This is a good thanks to find blogs you otherwise might miss, but it does take a touch of additional work.

Instead of searching for blogs themselves, you explore for influencers within the niche you’re fascinated by. most of them will have their own blog.

We already checked out how you'll be able to do that on Twitter. you'll do an identical search on any social media platform you employ.

But the simplest thanks to bed is to go over to the books section of Amazon.

Then either navigate through the categories, or look for your general topic.

Then examine the authors of the books that come up.

A quick Google search of “Shawna Coronado” remarked her blog.

Repeat for as many books as you’d like, or until you begin finding authors that don’t have blogs.



For most purposes, you won’t have to use all 8 methods to return up with an inventory of some hundred blogs.

However, reckoning on your specific topic, some may match better than others, so attempt a minimum of a pair of them.

I recommend keeping your list in an exceedingly spreadsheet in order that you'll be able to use a built-in function at the top to get rid of any duplicates.

If you think that of the other clever ways to get blogs, please let me know!

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