How to Come Up With a Blog Name

How to Come Up With a Blog Name


It’s the blog name that people see first, and it sets the tone for what people think about your blog. In this guide, we show you how to come up with a catchy blog name. And share plenty of blog name examples for popular blog niches to help you grow and succeed. It's the name you get with a good name that will be very successful in your new blog. If you struggle to find a good blog name, we’ll guide you in how to get the name of your blog to become a success.

how to come up with a blog name

11 Ways to Come Up With a Blog Name

Blog name is one of the most popular ways to name your blog. It can be hard to think of a catchy phrase for your blog's name. Here ar...

What is Your Blog Going to be About?

If you decide on a non-specific name or use your own name then you'll have more room for maneuver. Pick your niche first, and then think of a name that fits. Pick a good name in order to avoid being confused about what it means. For example, pick the name 'Yarn Dying Pro' and then choose a different niche. You’ll have wasted your time if you spend hours choosing a name and then decide to blog about an unrelated topic. For instance, let’s be honest about your choices and then pick what you want to write about.

Who is your target audience?

It’s important to consider your target audience when choosing your blog name. Knowing your audience will help you choose a suitable name for a blog. Problogger.com is targeted towards people looking to start a blog or improve their current blog. Similarly, learntocodewith.me is aimed towards people that want to learn how to code. Both sites make it clear in their name who their target audience is. An example: Pretty52 has a female target audience. It's the home of women's entertainment, viral video, celebrity news and showbiz gossip.

How to Come Up With a Blog Name

Check Your Competitors’ Blog Names

Check out your competitor’s blog names for what will work for your blog. Consider what their names mean, their first impression, how they sound and how long they are. Consider these 3 names from the beard grooming niche: All use the word ‘beard’ and another related word to make it clear what niche they're in. They might have used a business name generator tool to come up with different ideas. You can too. Consider what your blog name name is, how long it is, what it sounds and what y...


If you’re targeting moms, there are a thousand ways you can incorporate the word ‘mom’ into your blog name. There are a few creative and well known examples, Motherly.ly or ScaryMommy.com. If you can place your audience into a blog name, they’ll instantly know that your blog is for them when they type it into the search bar. Even before they land on your blog, you've made a connection with them!...

Think about why you want to blog

If you’re passionate about something, there’s something you want to share it with the world. You have a unique skill set to teach, or career insights that others in your field can benefit from? Maybe you've got a personal essay to share? Please send it to one of o...

Use Your Own Name

The question is whether you should use your own name for your blog or not? The answer really depends on what your blog is going to be about. It works well for personal branding services, but on the flip side, it doesn’t work as well if you’re selling a product or niche. Always use the product name in that situation. For security purposes, we recommend avoiding registering domains with your web host. Instead, use a separate domain registrar like Namecheap to check availability & register your domain.

Zyro Business Name Generator

Zyro’s Business Name Generator is backed by AI. You will get a bunch of unique blog names. Copy the name with a single click and buy your domain name to secure it. Zyro is originally a website builder for creating beautiful blogs using. simple drag-and-drop. However, Zyro also offer free tools to help you set up your blog and create a custom name. You need to use them to get the name and buy a domain name for your blog.

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Just describe your idea in two words and click Search in Panabee. You then create a list of possible names based on the words you use. It also makes alternate suggestions derived from the words and related terms. Panabee searches across multiple platforms, so you’ll know if your name is available on Facebook or Twitter as well. You can check app name availability and domain name availability, including country based domains, including.co.uk.in.in and.com.au.Panabee is a particularly great name generator for international bloggers.


The thesaurus is one of my most-used tools and can be a great source of inspiration. It is a great tool that helps you find synonyms for words such as 'trick' and 'know-how' It is also a great way to come up with a new name for your blog and blog name. It helps you think outside the box of words and find the perfect way to spell your blog name: "Petition" - and 'Reeb' - in a search of words that have similar meaning to your search engine: 'Petition'...

How to name your blog: methods and inspiration

Ten tools and methods for naming your blog. Help you unravel your thoughts in a blog post. It's time t.

Use a blog name generator

Domain name generators can give you clever variations and name ideas for your blog. They also recommend one of the best web hosting plans to go along with your new domain name. Free domain name generator Bluehost lets you get the domain name for free with a Bluehost web hosting. The tool is available on Bluehost and is free to download for free from your blog name. The tools we have on Blog Tyrant are some of the top free domain name generators you can use in the market today.


Wordoid generates made-up words that look nice and sound natural. The name generator uses no more than 15 letters. It is free to use, but you need to sign up to view your previous search history, or pin wordoids that you’d like to revisit later, you have to sign in using Facebook or Google to use it. Users can choose more than one language, and the quality level is based on the quality of the name. Wordoid is quite an intelligent naming tool, great for finding that catchy blog names.

Unrelated words are memorable

Many successful bloggers have applied this concept to their own efforts when it comes to choosing how to name a blog that'll stand out from the crowd. You can also create a smart branding play by putting two words that are totally opposite or unrelated together for your blog name. Remember Robin Hood from Robin Hood? Your name stands out from a childhood story because he’s the opposite of little. The name of your...

Check if your domain is available

Use a quick tool to find out if the exact domain name you’re interested in is still available. Here’s how to ch...

Create a Portmanteau

A portmanteau is a word that comes from blending or merging two words together. You can combine two words to create a new word, especially two words that speak about what you’ll help your audience with, or key brand values. A good example is Primility by Jerod Morris, combining ‘Pride’ and ‘Humility’. You can use WordUnscrambler.net to test these kinds of words. For example, Primility was written by Copyblogger.com.

Try Alliteration or Assonance

Alliteration is when you have the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words. For example, Blazing Blogs, Cute Cats, Spooky Spoon, and Financial Freedom:Assonance is similar, but it’s when the vowel sounds are repeated. In the travel blog name Backpacking Matt, all the “a” vowels sound the same, so repeat them all over the top of the word. Using a combination of words can create a real rhythm and sound q...

Consider Another Language

Blog name combines the Italian word for marvel or wonder, Mereviglia with the English word Paper: Paper. Try using Google Translate to find words in another language that have a pleasing sound in different languages. For example, the travel blog Meraviglia Paper combines Italian word marvel with English word for wonder, Paper: Travel blog is based in the English city of Paper, and is based on an Italian term for wonder or wonder. For more information on how to get a new...

Use Abbreviations or Acronyms

Abbreviations are easier to remember and avoid any typos when people enter the name in their browser. For example, WP is the abbreviation for WordPress used in many blog names, such as WPBeginner:. It is also easier to use in the name of a new website than a website with a name that's just as long as a new name.

Does the blog name read OK when it’s in a domain URL format?

Words can be lost if they accidentally use the wrong way of spelling. Don't make mistakes when you use the correct language to spell out your own name. There are a few more examples of wrong spellings with the wrong words. You can also use the word itself to warn you about spelling errors and errors in spelling errors when choosing a language or not to use your spelling correctly. For example, the word safety tool is meant to look at the right way of saying the wrong thing. It is not necessary to spell the correct words, but it is required to spell them out clearly.


Choosing an awesome blog name doesn't have to be time-consuming and frustrating. Stick to your niche & target audience. Play around with tools & get some feedback from others before deciding on your name. Remember that it’s the content that you put on your blog that matters, not the name. Check out our guide on how to create a blog. Before deciding on a new name, check out our domain name ideas article. The right name depends on your niche, audience, products, and services.



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