How to Block a Number

How to Block a Number

How to Block a Number


If you're like me, you hate getting unsolicited calls and texts. This blog post teaches you the best way to block a number. Set a recurring schedule so you always know when it's time for a text notification.


There are all sorts of reasons to block a number: an ex who can't take a hint, relentless telemarketers, those scammers who love spoofing, or a relative who wants to see why you're still not married. When your phone has buzzed one more time than you can take, it's time to block that number. But how? Here are the steps to take depending on your OS and carrier. If you think they'll sneak a peek at you with FaceTime, go to that app, find the last FaceTime conversation you had with them, and click the Info icon. You'll get a screen with information about the call and actions to take; scroll down to Block this Caller. If it's someone in your Contacts, go to Settings > FaceTime > Blocked Contacts. Scroll to the bottom, tap Add New, and select the name or names to block.

In related news: If you think you've been blocked, signs include being sent directly to voicemail for calls, never seeing the Delivered message appear under your messages, and having your text turn green (as opposed to blue) when you're messaging other iOS users. (These things can also happen if the person you're trying to contact does not have a connection, so don't freak out right away. But if it's been a while and you're still not getting through, well. Wireless carriers have apps that can be used to block calls. AT&T has Call Protect for iOS and Android (available to set it up from the AT&T Mobile Security app as well). You can pay $3.99 a month for a Plus version that has even more security like a VPN, personal ID monitor, and theft alerts (if you use an Android device). Verizon has a few options that let you block possible scammers as well as specific numbers, all for a price. T-Mobile has a Scam Shield app (it used to be called Name ID) that lets you block and report scam calls; it also has a premium version for $4 per line per month. (Source: www.pcmag.com)


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