How much does an Author make & an Author's salary?

How much does an Author make & an Author's salary?

Being an author or a writer is one of the most respected careers. An author writes or creates any written work as books, plays, and novels.

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It is a work of social prestige and influence. But one when gets published and liked by all with tagged being best-selling can make a grand living out of it. These days even digitally one can publish their work.

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Some writers want their work to get published more than to make money for themselves. And authors salary is something like its token of appreciation given to their work. There are many factors in how an author earns. So, let us see how much an author makes and how is it done.

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How much money can you make as an author?

Authors make money by publishing their work or writings. When the published work gets sold, the author, either gets the royalty when the book is traditionally published. And when the writings are self-published, the writers get all the money.

Traditional publishing

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Traditional publishing is when a publisher publishes your work or book, or you are writing and sells them and pays you the royalty of the work on each sale it gets. The publisher makes a contract with the author and publishes their work.

On each sale, the author is given 6 % royalty. It may vary from 5%-20%. But in this type of publishing, an author need not pay anything as in self-publishing. He just needs to sell his book or work to the publisher. And the publisher will handle everything from there.

An author is first paid an advance. Nearly $5000-$10000 for a new author. And this is what an average author makes before getting royalties. If you are an experienced and famous author, the money you make is way too high.

Most of the authors go for self-publishing because of the low royalty percentage and low money they make. But traditional publishing has its benefits as well. Traditionally published books get validation. And you need not pay anything, and the publisher takes care of everything.


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In self-publishing, you self-publish your book into the market. there is no involvement of the publisher. You pay for the publishing work. But the money you make on each sale is yours completely.

Most of the authors spend $2000-$4000 on self-publishing of the book. Where all the work such as editing, cover design, formatting, and market services are included.

In self-publishing, the authors have complete control over the creativity, contents, and appearances. On gets better royalties when compared to traditional publishing. One can earn more than 70% royalties in self-published books.

But lack of marketing support and validation is the only thing one will think of before going for self-publication.

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How much do successful authors make?

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To say exactly how much an author makes is hard as no authors make the same amount of money. It varies from writer to writer and their works. After considering all the specifications, and income of the average author makes, we have bought info on how much money a successful writer can make.

When we hear bestselling books and most successful authors, comes to our mind, authors such as J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, James Patterson, and few authors making millions per hour.

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These authors have achieved great success even financially. They are on the list of authors with extremely high financial success. They have sold millions of copies and their work was taken into movies.

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What is the average starting salary for an author?

An author, who has just begun to sell his work, might make a $6000 median value. Same time an author who is more successful and whose books have entered onto the bestselling list can make $20,000 median.

The money an author makes can never be assumed. As it is different for each of them. various factors affect the salary and income of an author. The way one publishes, how long he has been in the line of writing, and with how many publications. And most important, how many books shave been sold so far.

According to these things, a writer's salary can be calculated. But this is for sure that, the more successful an author is more money he makes. Which implies that a successful author is making million per hour out here.

Same time a writer who is yet to bloom is making zero with himself paying publishers and other sources trying for getting his books sold.

There are many writers, making a living by writing, who also write and work as a freelancer as well. Many writers are making a living with their service in writing work other than novels and fiction.


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