hot ones hot sauce

hot ones hot sauce

hot ones hot sauce

Make the mouthwatering hours melt away with sauces made for hot fingers.


1.6 Butterfly Bakery of Vermont Maple Wood Smoked Onion Hot Sauce (Source: flowercityflavor.com

Even more impressive than the list of celebrities that have appeared on the show are the actual

Craft hot sauce makers whose sauces have made the cut have seen their popularities skyrocket thanks to their inclusions. (Source: flowercityflavor.com)hot sauces themselves. (Source:Debuting on YouTube in March of 2015, Hot Ones from First We Feast has taken the pop culture world by stor

Throughout the 16 seasons of the show, I thought it would be fun gather my top 16 best Hot Ones sauces to share to the world. (Source: flowercityflavor

1. FLAVOR FIRST. I can’t stress this enough. Yes, heat level is a selling point of the show with the later-round hot sauces but I’m looking for what tastes best overall. (Source: flowercityflavor.com).com Throughout the 16 seasons of the show, I thought it would be fun gather my top 16 best Hot Ones sauces to share to the world. (Source:flowercityflavor.com))m. (Source: flowercityflavor.com) flowercityflavor.com)1.11 High River Sauces Tears of the Sun Private Reserve Hot Sauce (Source:flowercityflavor.com))

1. FLAVOR FIRST. I can’t stress this enough. Yes, heat level is a selling point of the show with the later-round hot sauces but I’m looking for what tastes best overall. (Source: flowercityflavor.com 2. Characteristics. Is the sauce unique? How versatile is it? If it’s a sauce that with a popular flavor profile such as a garlic hot sauce, what makes this one better than other sauces of that nature? (Source:flowercityflavor.com))

7. Since starting my business and being involved in the hot sauce community, I have gotten to know quite a few makers personally, some of whom are on this list. Any personal or business relationships I have with any makers had no bearing whatsoever on my choices. This is my completely honest take that ultimately comes down to my first criteria, flavor. (Source: flowercityflavor.com)

Want to give these hot sauces a try for yourself and save some money doing so? Use this coupon! (Source: flowercityflavor.com With all that said, it’s time to take a look at what are my favorites from “the show with hot questions, and even hotter wings!” (Source:flowercityflavor.com fOn any hot sauce listed in this blog (Top 16 and Honorable Mention) and see if you can handle the heat better than your favorite celebrity! (Source:lowercityflavor.com)))

I remember vividly the first time I tried this sauce – I was at the Karma Sauce factory here in my hometown of Rochester, NY and they keep a fridge of what has to be 100 or more hot sauces. I went through a gauntlet of tastings that day and Aka Miso is the one I still remember most from that day. The flavor (and then of course heat) just hit my tongue in harmony and I asked for a second taste! You can’t put a list together of the best Hot Ones sauces without this one on it. (Source: flowercityflavor.com For all of you verde style hot sauce fans, Hippy Dippy Green is a unique twist with its addition of avocado and kiwi. This is a great one to use on any Mexican dish and also a unique addition to eggs. Creamy and refreshing. Perfect for when you’re looking for a hot sauce while mellowing out. (Source:flowercityflavor.com))

If you want the overall package – great flavor, insane heat and awesome label artwork – Exhorresco wins. This is the hottest sauce that appears on this list…by far. Coming in at a whopping 625,000 Scoville Heat Units, this one is no joke and you must use extreme caution when using it. You’ll find no extract here and you get the sweetness from the agave nectar and apple cider vinegar. (Source: flowercityflavor.com)

The best onion hot sauce available on the market, period. Fantastic for onion lovers who don’t actually want the flavor of the onion to overpower their food, but rather have its subtle hints of sweet and smokiness compliment their dish. Versatility is what you get with this hot sauce, however, fans of this gem say the absolute must-use for it is on your scrambled eggs. (Source: flowercityflavor.com)

I’m thrilled that Hot Ones went international and found a lot of makers that normally wouldn’t have had an opportunity like this. You’re not going to find the Bongo Chilli anywhere else on this list and really in any other hot sauce out there and that’s because the Bongo Chilli is native to the island of Fiji. I tell folks that this is the hot sauce you’ll want to use to graduate from mild level to medium level heat. Use this one on your next sandwich and thank me later! (Source: flowercityflavor.com)

This is one of the few hot sauces I was familiar with before its appearance on the show so I was thrilled when it was announced (any of the Fresco Sauces are worthy by the way). I just love the orange color to this sauce. A garlicky blend of chipotle and orange habanero peppers with a hint of sweetness. Another every day hot sauce that you can use on everything. (Source: flowercityflavor.com)

From our friends up North comes a real gem for all the fruit-based hot sauce lovers out there. While pineapple is the first ingredient, this one does pack some heat! Known for their collaborations, Heartbeat joined up with Sleeping Giant Brewery and mixed in their award winning Beaver Duck session IPA into this to make a bright and savory sauce. (Source: flowercityflavor.com)

If you can’t make your way to Barbados, the next best way to experience the “flavor reminiscent of the West Indies” is Cheeba Gold. This best Hot Ones sauces list would’ve been incomplete without a mustard-based concoction. A mix of sweet peaches, curry and scotch bonnets with just enough heat to let your tongue tingle. (Source: flowercityflavor.com)

It should come to no surprise to hardcore hot sauce enthusiasts that High River Sauces makes the best Hot Ones sauces list twice! We love the original Tears of the Sun and their Private Reserve amps up the heat with its unique hybrid Peach Ghost Scorpion Peppers and mix of vibrant papaya, peaches, pineapple and mangos. (Source: flowercityflavor.com)

You couldn’t include a list of the best Hot Ones sauces without including “Los Cal”. In fact, most would say it is the best Hot Ones hot sauce overall. A solid, right in the middle heat hot sauce that has a touch of sweetness, tartness and smokiness. Cal-Mex at its finest, pairs great with everything. (Source: flowercityflavor.com)


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