Heritage House:

Heritage House:

Breeze up the California Coast to Our Luxury Mendocino Hotel

Few destinations embody their surroundings as wonderfully as The Heritage House Resort & Spa. A rare gem located on the rugged Mendocino coast, our unspoiled 37- acre sanctuary is a cliffside retreat where the extraordinary happens every day.

A Place - a Time . . .

According to an 1895 article in Harper’s Bazaar magazine, young couples of moderate means could expect to spend between $5,000 and $10,000 in the construction of a house, excluding the cost of a lot. The Bradstreet Index, in 1895, recognized Riverside as enjoying the highest per capita income in the United States. Citizens were indeed prosperous, thanks largely to citrus horticulture, but they were not millionaires. Catharine Bettner's net worth in 1892, for instance, was $18,755 or about $519,000 adjusted to 2017 values.

Heritage House Tou

The Heritage House Tour offers a chance to explore a selection of Vancouver’s heritage homes, each with its own story, past and present, from early architects, builders and residents to more recent restorations and adaptations. It is a wonderful way to explore Vancouver’s diverse neighbourhoods as well as architectural styles, design ideas and garden landscapes. The self-guided event can be enjoyed at your own pace during tour hours. Your ticket is a guidebook that provides information about each home on the tour along with local history and information to help you plan your day.

Stay in a Heritage House on Sydney Harbour

Once home to Cockatoo Island’s medical officer and engineering manager, our two Federation-style heritage houses can each accommodate up to 12 people. (Source: www.cockatooisland.gov.au)

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