Heretic atlanta

Heretic atlanta

Heretic atlanta

Joel McHale has developed a large online following as one third of the comedy trio Yahoo! TV. Working first as a stand-up comic, he later co-created and starred in the E! series Community.

5lawrence L.

What a fun night! We visited for a theme party and had a blast. We brought a group of six and the bartenders are no beginners. They were whipping up drinks faster than we could get the names out. The cover was only $10 for the night, the dancefloor was huge, there were two cool bars, and a big smoking deck. It didn't feel crowded at any point and the staff was awesome at keeping it light and lively. We'll be back soon!

5cassie K.

This fun and lively atmosphere was so inviting. I went for dance night on Thursday nights where they teach you a dance from 8-9pm. It was my first time in a dance class and everyone was so nice and willing to help! Afterwards was open floor which was so fun! If you like to line dance or two step definitely go to the Heretic, you’ll fit right in!

5ronnie D.

I've been here a few times for themed nights where it wasn't specifically a gay event. The staff is always professional and chill, the club itself is pretty clean for a club. I have yet to have a bad experience here. There are usually the club's regular patrons there, but they've never given us any smoke about our presence. Def recommend!

4william F.

I've been here a few times with my girlfriend for line dancing and two stepping country nights on Thursday. Cool spot and the drinks are cheap and you can get them pretty fast. Wish they did more line dancing and less two stepping but other than night not a bad place to check out for country dancing every now and then!

4lykania's E.

Best club ever! I had a lot of fun with my friends. Music and the dance floor were amazing. The dark room is 100% highly recommend. Thank you for the great time. I just put 4 stars because a bald and old bartender guy that was fixing my drink had a bad behavior (Rude and screamed me) I wish remember his name.

1alex V.

Doesn’t accept American Express and only does cash only covers, super inconvenient and unmodern of a practice when they clearly accept credit cards literally everywhere else around the property. Also a bottle of water is $6, so the owner must be pretty desperate or just inhumane to charge that much for a bottle of Member’s Mark Sam’s Club water when a soda is only $3. What an absolute disgrace, hopefully they can sleep well at night.



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