Health Blogs that accept Guest Posts

Health Blogs that accept Guest Posts

Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posts


Bloggers are becoming more and more prominent in their respective industries, and they are often more reputable than many other organizations. They can openly express their thoughts and opinions without corporate backlash and inability to do so. Bloggers also make their money through advertising and affiliate marketing. They direct viewers and listeners to where they want them to go or what they want them to purchase. You can write about anything — even topics and topics that many people might not be familiar with.

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Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

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Health Blog

Searching for a new blog where you can submit a guest post? Consider choosing a relevant blog that accepts guest posts from someone with your specific expertise to increase your target blog's visibility. These blogs are also able to offer their audience the most interesting pieces of content. That they'll be able to peruse on a regular basis. So, choosing one that allows guest posts is not only beneficial for you but for the blog too.

How to Submit a Guest Post: This social media health blog has over 900,000 monthly page views. They’re interested in any topic related to healthcare. Posts should be about 500 words in length. Email your article to Kevin. You’re allowed a link in your post. You can read their guest post guidelines here. (Source: www.effectivebusinessideas.com)

Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

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Successful Bloggers are looking for guest blogs. By sharing expertise in your area of expertise, you are giving your blog another point of view that can be seen by its readers. Giving them a better chance to gain the information that they are looking for. A health blog would gain by having a guest blog post about your research, nonprofit. Or advocacy blog where the hope is that the blog specializes in topics related to your blog.


Health blogs accepting guest posts. Are a great way to get your writing in front of many readers in a very short period of time. They reach a very targeted audience, so it can't hurt to take a chance on getting your work out to the world.

Articles written for this blog should be between 500-750 words and compared to many other blogs, you can publish the post elsewhere afterward. Submissions are done via email as provided in the guidelines, after which your post will be published in two weeks. You can also include a link about yourself or an organization that you represent. (Source: trafficbox.org)


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