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Happy Bunny

Happy Bunny is proud to be your favorite bunny company. We love our rabbits and want to share our love with everyone. If you ever need rescue or just want to say hello, feel free to reach out to us. We are not shy around children or babies, but our place is home. We are happy to share our space with you, but are also very happy.

It's Happy Bunn

Happy Bunny is a character in a series of stickers, buttons, greeting cards, posters, and other merchandise sold at novelty shops across North America. Designed by artist and writer Jim Benton in the 1990s, "who People Magazine called the most visible cartoonist in America,

The Best Bunny Present Ever!

Each box has 5/6 festive themed goodies, with a mix of yummy treats and fun toys for maximum bunny enjoyment. We lovingly pack these inside a yummy cardboard box and include a hand sealed Happy Bunny Club Christmas card. For a limited time only, our Christmas box is available to purchase as a one-off, subscription free box. (Source: www.happybunnyclub.com)

No Nasty Ingredients Here!

Did you know, that in some pet stores nearly half of the products sold as safe for rabbits are actually harmful to them? We carefully choose all products to ensure our boxes never contain hidden nasties such as large unprocessed whole seeds, dairy, egg, or corn kernel ingredients, all of which can be harmful to bunnies.

We Are Changing Our Usual Shipping Schedule During November and December to Better Accommodate the Christmas Season.

Our usual schedule is to post all boxes on the 21st of each month. However for all orders placed now, we will be shipping these on December 1st. For all orders placed during December these will be dispatched within 2 working days. This is to allow plenty of time for delivery before Christmas Day. it's Happy Bunny Animated Stickers Let It's Happy Bunny animated stickers say the things you're thinking, but don't want to say yourself! You can insert or drag n drop these stickers into your iMessage conversations and photos. The pack includes 20 stickers (13 animated and 7 static) inspired by Jim Benton, the creator of Its Happy Bunny. (Source:on the App Store

A Happy Bunn

Someone who is happy or content. Often used in the negative to indicate someone who is particularly unhappy, irritable, or displeased. I just got a raise, so I'm a happy bunny today. I could tell the producer was not a happy bunny after Jake used such inflammatory language on the air. She was not a happy bunny after her work permit application was denied. (



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