Han Jisung:

Han Jisung:

Han Jisung:

))Han JisungHan (stray Kids) Profile and FDisbanded Kpop Girl Groups… K-pop boy band Stray Kids' rapper Han Jisung received backlash after fans pointed out that he used the N-word in one of his songs. The song that the fans were referring to was uploaded by Han before making a debut with the band. He uploaded a song on YouTube which is now deleted that contained racist slurs. Fans were quite upset and asked the rapper to 'educate' himself. Read further to know more about Han Jisung and the song. (Source:(Source:aClips of a song Han wrote circulating on the internet have lyrics that contain slurs and insensitive language, including the Korean equivalent of the ‘N’ wordHan (Hangul: í•œ; Katakana: ハン) was born on September 14, 2000 (age 21) in Incheon, South Korea. He is the main rapper, lead vocalist and producer of the group. (Source: (SourceHan Jisung, better known by his stage name, “Han”, is the producerLon, rapper, and vocalist of the South Korean boyband Stray Kids. Stray Kids debuted back in 2017 under JYP Entertainment, through competition of the same name. Originally with 9 members, the group now has 8 members: Bang-Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. Han was born on 14th September 2000 in Incheon, South Korea, but lived in Malaysia until he came to Korea to give an exam and stayed. He decided to stay a year in Korea to fulfill his dream of being a singer and leave if he couldn’t do so. Fortunately, he got selected in an audition through JYP Entertainment. (Source::cts (updated!)

Han Jisung and Lee Know:

Back in 2019, in Weekly Idol, a funny thing happened. Lee Know was the leader of one of the teams, and Han, Changbin, and Hyunjin all wanted spots in his team. In order to decide, Lee Know asked them to show their charms. A very talented rapper, Han rapped about Lee Know’s handsome looks, making it up as he went, calling him his shining light. He then went on to rap how he’d be a perfect boyfriend to Lee Know, and asked him to hold his hand and pick him. In a dramatic way, he ended the rapsong with “I love you.”

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Stray Kids' Han Jisung celebrated his 21st birthday on September 13, leaving Twitter in an uproar. Known lovingly as Quokka, Han is a multi-talented K-pop idol, possessing all the skills of a true musician.

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