Guest Post finder: Find a Guest Post Blogging Site

Guest Post finder: Find a Guest Post Blogging Site

Guest Post Finder: Find a Guest Post Blogging Site

Guest Post finder

Wouldn’t it be a lot more efficient to find a blog that posts original content? And post your article on the blog in exchange for a banner ad on the site?!!! I’m so glad you asked! :) Now, thanks to this Guest Post Finder, you can! It’s your one-stop for finding a blog with a partner that will post your content with a ready-made banner.

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Want someone to write a guest blog post for you? A glance at this Guest Article Finder to find a blogging platform that allows just that. Any service that has a high Distaff Author Score of 50 or higher is eligible for submission to the blog.

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Utilizing Google search again, look for the name of the industry blogger, As well as the phrase (in quotes again) “Guest post from” or “Guest post by”. This will show sites that the guest blogger in question has posted to. These are solid places to search for guest posts yourself. Have contact with the profuse guest blogger in your niche as well? Leverage that to get an introduction to your targets. (Source: www.bigguestposting.com)

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The average blog post has an engagement time of 4 minutes, whereas guest posts can sometimes go up to 80 minutes. So, not only does it offer bloggers the opportunity to be the subject of their own blog posts. But it also gives them the opportunity to send their content out to the world via the guest posting site. Guest posting is one of the most sought-after marketing tools right now, so why not try it out?

This provides you with their most popular posts on specific keywords. This way, you can link to those posts with their keywords in your submitted guest post. Additionally, mentioning specific books, products, and articles, ensure that you link to these as well. The goal is to make things as simple as possible for the target blogger. (Source: www.bigguestposting.com)

Google Search for Blogging Keywords

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If you take a business or personal blog and monetize it. Traffic includes a number of people who would have never otherwise been exposed to content from your blog. For bloggers, blogs are an opportunity to have a voice and to help your message get out. Regardless of how large or small your following is.


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