Guest Post Exchange Writing for SEO

Guest Post Exchange Writing for SEO

Guest Post Exchange

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a way to gain exposure for your business, expand your reach, and grow your brand. It is a wonderful marketing tactic, but it can also be a difficult one. As it requires a lot of time, as well as a very specific strategy to make the most of it as a guest author.

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Hello, my name is David. I have read the article entitled The Top 5 Reasons to Start Guest Blogging, over at 10 Top-Rated Blogs. It includes some great insights. I am interested in guest posting at your blog and ask that you please email me with the topic you have in mind. I have a few articles that I have written that relate to the above article topic. And I am confident that you will love them. Guest Email Exchange example...


In a previous guest post for this blog, the author discussed the importance of bloggers understanding affiliate products and advertising.

At a certain point, a site grows large enough to be above the law. Is Google going to take any real action against Facebook, or Reddit, or Forbes? Of course not. On the other hand, if a couple of small-scale WordPress blogs embarked on reciprocal link building. Google would be more than happy to penalize them into nonexistence. (Source: guestpost.com)


Exchange guest posts and links with other bloggers in different niches in advance in order to develop ideas and access similar niches.

I would suggest you find some of the top blogs of your niche and write an email to EACH webmaster (try to personalize -> Use their e-mail, Name, website, etc. in the e-mail) and if you have luck, they could post your guest article. (Source: www.warriorforum.com)


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Have you ever been asked to write a guest post for a blog or website? Or invited to write a guest post for a website? Thousands of people do it every day and add their names to the list of Guest Posters. How likely is it that your blog will be seen by search engines and reach its full potential?

Simple: don’t guest blog for links. Instead, guest blog only when you have an original insight to share on a topic you already understand. If you have been working in SEO all your life. Then go ahead and write a post about a new SEO tactic. Google wouldn’t mind that, and neither would publishers. (Source: www.semrush.com)


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