Guest Post Email Subject Line Example

Guest Post Email Subject Line Example

Guest Post Email Subject

Guest Post

Here is a possible email subject for a potential guest post: "How to Build a Sustainable, Passive Income Stream in Real Estate".

20+ Email Subject Lines that will Get Your Guest Post Requests Accepted. Because Email Subjects are the Very First Impression of Your Emails. (Source: compile. Blog)

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Guest Post Email Subject

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The purpose of this post is to introduce and introduce you to a platform that I think is new and great. And hope you will check out and join me in this movement. The platform is called WordPress and the new website is called WordPress.com. For those of you who do not know anything about WordPress or blogging, let me give you a quick overview of what WordPress is.

Next blog post for [blog name]. All the hard work is mine (Source: www.starterstory.com)

Great content ideas for your blog (Source: www.starterstory.com)

Think Blog

If the following writing style and size are of no interest to you, please avoid this email altogether: it contains no value.

Guest blogging (or guest posting) is a content marketing tactic that involves writing and publishing articles on third-party websites/ blogs. Guest blogging generally provides mutual benefits for publishers hosting guest content (as it helps engage their audience). And guest bloggers who get an additional platform to promote their brand. Typically, guest bloggers write content for websites and similar blogs related to their industry in order to: (Source: www.liveagent.com)

Guest Post Email Subject

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Please include in your email subject line the subject you are submitting an idea for.

It pays to put a lot of effort into topic descriptions. And topic matching (ensuring that the topic is a good fit for the blog. And hasn’t been covered recently). Many editors will overlook the fact that you have an average pitch if you have really interesting ideas. And a clear picture of what you want to write about. Also, don’t bother suggesting topics you can’t cover at the level required for that blog. You’re just wasting everybody’s time and hurting your brand image along the way. (Source: www.pointvisible.com)

Article Submissions

Many bloggers are even willing to hand out an exclusive hand-me-down on a popular topic if you are able to write well enough.

Much has been written about link reclamation as a link-building strategy. There’s less advice about the technique in combination with other off-page SEO efforts. (A term that includes every SEO-related task or activity that happens off the site), such as content marketing for links. For marketers who build links with content. I always recommend adding a layer of link reclamation to their campaigns to maximize the number of links. (Source: www.entrepreneur.com)

Guest Post Email Subject

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Market your blog post to more industry blogs with this help from Sprinklr.

NOTE: Ever wonder what the secret sauce is to writing a guest post pitch that gets accepted? This was a popular topic on my blog five years ago, and it still is. Study these examples to learn how to pitch a guest post and land an assignment. Enjoy! –Carol. (Source: www.makealivingwriting.com)


This subject line works well because it's short, lightly personalized, and makes an offer right off the bat — "co-promotion opportunity." It's a little vague, which works well because it piques interest enough to get the prospect to click through. (Source: sumo.com)

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