Guest Lecture Poster: Speaker & Audience

Guest Lecture Poster: Speaker & Audience

Guest Lecture Poster: Speaker & Audience

Many universities want this as a compulsory part of their new policies as it allows guest speakers to share their knowledge with everyone. Without having to worry about the best way to present their lecture. The main goal here is to introduce the speaker and connect them with their audience. Depending on what you do, this is a good way to raise the public’s awareness about your knowledge. And give people a chance to learn more about your skills and expertise.

Conceptualizing experimental controls using the potential outcomes framework. (Source: scholar.Harvard.edu)

Guest Lecture Poster Presentations

Guest Lecture Poster pic 1

These are part of the presentations that are usually written for posters in scientific research. These are often used in presentations during scientific conferences.

Proksch, S. (June 2021). Music, movement, and the brain. Guest lecture for high school students of the Frontiers of Science Institute, University of Northern Colorado, USA. (Source: www.shannonproksch.com)

Guest Lecture Poster Templates

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Career Poster for Your Presentations You can customize the template to place the poster. Display on the walls of your presentations by using the transparent image below.

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Guest Lecture Poster Designs

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Tompkins College-Robinson Auditorium: For this event, we designed the poster as a presentation below.

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Guest Lecture Poster and International Speaker

Here are two highlights from my talks. A 45-minute technical presentation for my Ph.D. and a 20-minute presentation at Pydata Global. (Source: dramsch.net)


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