Grey's Anatomy Quotes:

Grey's Anatomy Quotes:

grey's anatomy quotes

Grey’s Anatomy may be a soapy medical drama about a group of hot doctors who have a lot of near-death experiences and sex in on-call rooms, but for 17 seasons, Meredith Grey has also been imparting a lot of wisdom along the way. All of the characters have their own memorable lines from the show, but as the lead, Meredith gets a lot of the best material. She narrates most episodes with voiceovers that contextualize the events of the series with the greater issues going on in the characters’ lives as well as the broader world in general. Those quotes are easy to apply to our own personal struggles, not just the fictional ones at Grey Sloan Memorial.

The Only Way to Fail Is Not to Fight. so You Fight Until You Can’t Fight Anymore.” -Amelia Shepherd

Amelia Shepherd has had her battles throughout the show. She’s struggled with addiction, heartbreak, and even death, yet through it all, she continues to persevere. Amelia shows the complexity of depression and addiction because she maintains her brilliance.

It Always Feels Like There Is Just One Person in This World to Love. and Then You Find Somebody Else, and It Just Seems Crazy That You Were Ever Worried in the First Place.”

Everyone goes through heartbreak and everyone eventually moves on. In this scene, Lexie Grey consoles a patient and she shows the audience how it’s very plausible to find love again. Although they might feel like the one for you now, time is everchanging, and with new people come new experiences.

“Pain Comes in All Forms. the Small Twinge, a Bit of Soreness, the Random Pain. the Normal Pains We Live With Everyday.”

Meredith Grey perfectly sums hum the human experience with pain in this quote. The only time we will not feel pain is after our lives are over, so we have to take appreciate the everyday pain along with the good things in life. People are gonna feel pain in life and you just have to live with it.

“In Medical School, We Have a Hundred Classes That Teach Us How to Fight Off Death and Not One Lesson in How to Go on Living.”

Meredith talks about how doctors spend their whole lives working to save lives and never learn how to deal with death. They can make sure everyone is gonna wear seat belts and take care of themselves, but when someone like a third party is a lost cause you have to grieve in your own way.



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