Gregory Mannarino

Gregory Mannarino

Gregory Mannarino

Gregory Mannarino

A CEO of one of the fastest growing startups out there, Gregory Mannarino has a lot to offer you if you are interested in learning about how to grow your own business.


Activist Post Editor’s Note: As regular readers might know, Gregory Mannarino is known primarily as a Wall Street analyst/critic who has long predicted the economic calamity that we are heading towards (see his interview with Spiro Skouras here). More recently, he has hinted at his Covid skepticism over the running pandemic timeframe and narrative.

5 Stars This compilation contains two books in one. The first book is The Game Is Rigged- How to Profit from the Global Economic Collapse. In it Mr. Mannarino discusses how a financial wave of destruction is coming our way, which seems to be only a matter of... (Source: www.nightowlreviews.com)


I don’t agree with this assessment. He has some really great projections (like oil goes up when the dollar strength is weak and the 10 year US bind is up) he’s spot on almost daily. He’s really helped me stay ahead of the market too. He mentioned selling covered calls, I looked it up and have learned to make more money in the markets then I ever have. I’m sure others have talked about trading trends but he’s really good at for seeing it, in my opinion anyways

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This week, we have a new guest on the show, Mr. Gregory Mannarino. Gregory is well followed and widely known for speaking out on the American debt issue, and the monumental distortions which he believes are being created by political and central bank mismanagement, all over the globe. Gregory is also a believer in holding hard assets. We were delighted to chat with Gregory about the global economy and how we can adjust our portfolios with the right kinds of assets!

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