Grand Canyon to Los Angeles

Grand Canyon to Los Angeles

Grand Canyon to Los Angeles

Many of the tours are exciting to visit, however, it can also be a peaceful experience at the same time. If you find yourself in California and want to experience a different point of view, then I would highly recommend visiting one of these locations. There are many options, which are all worthwhile in their own way. Rocky Mountains You can schedule a tour for the year. It is an interesting experience


If you have your own car or even if you rent one in LA, driving is still the most economical way to see the Grand Canyon. Most first-time visitors explore the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, as Grand Canyon Village provides various lodging, camping, and eating options. Also, it's closer to LA. However, if you've already toured the South Rim or you want to escape the crowds, the North Rim is your better bet. Keep in mind, that the North Rim is not accessible in the winter when route 67 is closed for the season.

If you can spare the time, think about hitching a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams which makes its way to the Grand Canyon every morning, returning in the afternoon (2 hours each way). A fun, stress free way to visit the Grand Canyon during a short visit. Looking for more traditional family fun, head to Bearizona just outside of Williams for a fun drive through animal park experience. (Source: nobackhome.com)


If you’re embarking on this Los Angeles to Grand Canyon road trip, you’re going to want to find a place or two to spend the night on along the way. Along the I-15 route, Las Vegas and the areas surrounding Zion National Park make the most logical sense for this. Along the I-10 route, then consider making stops in the Phoenix area and again in Sedona.

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