Ginny and georgia ending

Ginny and georgia ending

Ginny and georgia ending

Paul and Georgia are finally getting married! But the honeymoon gets turned into a nightmare when their car crashes and changes the course of their relationship, and the family's life. Everything changes, and in the process their children find out about their parents' past, which will have consequences for everyone in the Ginny and Georgia universe. Watch some of the most astounding moments from the show here.


After 10 extremely tumultuous episodes, Ginny and Georgia is leaving fans with more questions than ever. Which is saying something, because there was a lot happening between teen Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her mysterious mom, Georgia (Brianne Howey). The short answer is that Ginny finds out about her mom's many secrets, including that she killed her ex-husband Kenny (though it was in defense of Ginny, just saying). Georgia's kids also discover that Georgia hasn’t sent any of her son.

Austin’s (Diesel La Torraca) letters to his dad, which only makes Ginny and Austin more upset. Obviously there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the Ginny and Georgia ending, so let’s get to it, people. It’s unclear for now, but that's certainly something we’d find out if there’s a Ginny and Georgia season 2. Antonia Gentry, the actress who plays Ginny, did give a few hints to TVLine, though.(Source:www.thepioneerwoman.com


Spoilers ahead for Ginny and Georgia. Just finished the first season of Netflix's Ginny and Georgia? Feeling a little breathless at the sheer number of storylines that reached a climax and/or left us on a tantalizing cliffhanger in the space of an hour? Well, join the club! Let's call this club, I don't know, The Place Where We Talk At Length About What The Hell Just Happened? From Ginny and Austin driving off into the night (isn't that kidnapping?) to Georgia becoming Wellsbury's First Lady-to-be and simultaneously a two-time murder suspect, the show ends with a dizzying array of events.Overall, Ginny and Georgia has received mixed reviews: praise for its handling of race and teenage dynamics; criticism over its multiple storylines, which intersect and overlap in oft-confusing ways. One thing's for sure: Everyone's obsessed with the newcomers that play the show's teenage cast, from Antonia Genry as Ginny to Sara Waisglass as Max and Mason Temple as Hunter. So let's dive into how things wrapped up and where we stand going into a potential season two, shall we?

I don't know how I expected this show to end, but Ginny and Austin driving off into the night on a motorcycle was not it. It makes sense that Ginny would want to cut ties with her mom, having found out that Georgia has murdered at least one person (fairly justifiably, one might argue, but that's a different conversation). But, I mean...where do a 16-year-old and her nine-year-old brother go? Austin is very much a minor, and Georgia is clearly his sole parent, so isn't that, um, kidnapping? (Source: www.marieclaire.com)


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