Georgia outdoor news by press

Georgia outdoor news by press

Georgia outdoor news

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Georgians should appreciate this site all the great news about your state game & fisheries with constant updates wish we had the same drive down here in South Florida . Many of my friends have moved to Georgia and I see their monster bucks they’ve tagged this is why I love reading the different outdoor activities going on in Georgia great job toIn the south, hunting and fishing is a BG deal. From duck hunting to bass fishing, Georgia Outdoor News or G.O.N. remains all-knowing when it comes to the great outdoors. Every year Georgia Outdoor News holds their signature Outdoor Blast event. For diehard fishermen or huntsmen, this event is a close second to Christmas. G.O.N.’s Outdoor Blast showcases vendors such as Great Southern Outdoors, Hog S.W.A.T., Lipstick-n-Lead, and Eulalie Hunting Safari as well as radio show talent, John Kincade, from the local sports talk radio, 680 the Fan.

In the past five years, BG AD Group has aided G.O.N. in drawing a big crowd through traditional advertising. However, as G.O.N. celebrated its 25th year of publishing fishing and hunting articles in 2016, they wanted to jump on the digital bandwagon to better reach Georgia’s outdoor enthusiasts.The trispot darter. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)ATLANTA — A shiny orange fish living in a north Georgia river is being considered for federal protection as a rare species. The trispot darter is already classified as endangered by state officials. Now, the U.S. government is looking to protect it as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The trispot darter lives…In the Georgia Coyote Challenge, participants can kill as many as five coyotes a month from March through August for a chance to win a lifetime hunting license. What is the cost to advertise in Georgia Outdoor News? Georgia Outdoor News is a monthly magazine. The magazine has a circulation of approximately 56,000. Published in Madison, Georgia, this magazine is a popular consumer publication. It is owned by Walton Press. (Source: www.gaebler.com)






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