Georgia nickname

Georgia nickname

Georgia nickname

Georgia is best known as 'The Peach State." Georgia-grown peaches are recognized for their superior flavor, texture, appearance and nutritious qualities (Georgia also designated the peach as the official state fruit in 1995, and the peach is featured on the Georgia quarter). All State Nicknames.The Point Guard is old school around here, riding the bench for the next man in. But after years of pressure, he pushes the athletes who are now his elders and humiliating them as time goes on.


Georgia became the 4th state in 1788. The Georgia quarter features a peach (state fruit and nickname), live oak sprigs (the state tree), an outline of Georgia, and the state motto: "Wisdom Justice Moderation" (public domain image on Wikipedia). All State Quarters National Grits Festival website (accessed January 24, 2008). "On Feb. 12, 2002, Rep. Johnny Floyd of Cordele, Rep. Ray Holland of Ashburn led the Georgia House of Representatives to approve a resolution that made Warwick 'The Grits Capital of Georgia.' On March 19, 2003, Governor Sonny Perdue recognized Warwick as The Grits Capital of the World."Georgia is a state located in the southeastern United States. It was established in 1732, the last of the original Thirteen Colonies. Georgia is the 24th most extensive and the 8th most populous of the 50 United States. Georgia is bordered on the south by the State of Florida; on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and South Carolina; on the west by Alabama; and on the north by Tennessee and North Carolina.The nicknames for Georgia these days are The Empire State of the South (originally used in the mid 19th century, but since then has been hotly disputed by Taxes), and the name that appears on license plates, The Peach State (the peach being the official state fruit since 1995). However, Georgia's legislature has not designated an official nickname for the state.

During 1870's Georgia was being called the The Cracker State. A "cracker" in this context was slang for a low Southern white man, coined in the mid-18th century (although other sources suggest that it may relate to the many teamsters in the state, and be an allusion to the cracking of their whips). Cracker: derogatory term meaning braggarts, as applied to immigrants into Georgia from the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. Whatever the origin, many Georgians hated the nickname.Georgia, the Peach State, is situated on the South-East coast of America, directly above the state of Florida, and is the largest state east of the iconic Mississippi River. If you are interested in seeing the US state nicknames for all 50 states, including the date each state was entered into the Union, then head over to our page that lists them in alphabetical order. After the U.S. civil war that occurred between 1861-1865, the production of Peach’s saw a meteoric rise when Georgia farmers were seeking cotton alternatives. They were so successful that decades later, people still associated Georgia with Peaches, and even made it the Georgia state nickname! (Source: foreignusa.com)


The name Georgia is a very popular one and currently occupies the 205th position among top popular names, in the United States. It enjoys wide popularity in places like Australia, England, Wales, and Scotland. Well, considering the fact that there is even a state named Georgia in the United States, it makes a lot of sense to say Georgia is gorgeous. Every girl named Georgia is gorgeous.

Georgia was the last of the 13 colonies to be founded and the first Southern state to ratify the Constitution. In 1851, Stephen Foster wrote, "Old Folks at Home," a song that made Georgia's Suwannee River famous. Joel Harris, an American author and journalist, first had his "Uncle Remus" stories published in Georgia, his home state. The state was a Confederate state during the Civil War and General Sherman destroyed much of Atlanta by setting it on fire. Georgia was named after King George II, an English King who granted the state its original charter. The "Peach State" and the "Goober State" are two of Georgia's best-known nicknames. The "Buzzard State" is another nickname because an early state law protected buzzards. The abbreviation for Georgia is GA. (Source:ww.sheppardsoftware.com)


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