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Georgia holt

Georgia Holt is the Chief Brand Officer of Mindshift Health, and has been with Mindshift for over 6 years. Each month she shares her personal experience with surviving and thriving as an entrepreneur, plus tips and ideas for fellow female entrepreneurs to get started, learn social media, and be aware of the importance of mental health.Holt was the subject of the 2013 Lifetime documentary Dear Mom, Love Cher, which was executive produced by her daughter, Cher. Holt also released her album Honky Tonk Woman, which was recorded in 1982, in 2013. The album includes a duet with Cher titled "I'm Just Your Yesterday".


Yesterday Cher's mother Georgia Holt turned 95! She and the pop sensation are as close as ever, and Holt is a star in her own right. Though she was essentially a failed actress, struggling with auditions and bit parts during her daughter's youth, Holt's talents were eventually recognized. In 2013, the then-86-year-old released a successful country album: Honky Tonk Woman... and let's just say it clear where Cher gets her voice. The songs on Honky Tonk Woman are soft and sultry and evoke, truly, the diva herself: their deep twang is obviously a family trait. Born Jackie Jean Crouch in Kensett, Arkansas in 1926, the future Georgia Holt had a tough upbringing. Her mother, Lynda Inez Gulley, was just 13 years old when little Georgia was born. Her father was 21. Growing up, she bounced between their two families and guesses that she attended 17 different middle schools altogether. Throughout the madness, though, there was music. Georgia's father taught her to play guitar when she was young and by the time she was six, she sang on-air for an Oklahoma City radio station. When Georgia was 10 performed with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, and from there, became a local beauty queen competing in various talent competitions.

Georgia Holt did not release Honky Tonk Woman until 2013 when she was 86 years old. But the songs were recorded long before, lost for decades in Holt's garage. According to The Guardian, Holt first recorded the songs on Honky Tonk Woman during the 1980s with members of Elvis Presley's band. But when it came time to release the tapes now, Cher explained on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that musical director Paul Mirkovich put new music behind Holt's voice. In addition to appearing on Leno at the time, Cher and Holt also visited Ellen to promote the new album. There, the pair performed together a favorite track off the album: "I'm Just Your Yesterday." Watch that sweet moment below.



Georgia Holt has a smooth sultry delivery.She has a way with a lyric and a song.Obviously Cher was very influenced by her mothers musicality.Their harmonies are superb.Country is a perfect setting for their union. When they sing a duet,the vocals intertwine like a beautiful country vine.Cher did right in remastering and producing this tribute to a very talented woman,Georgia Holt.We are fortunate she took this under her wing.This cd was accurately named Honkey Tonk Woman ,as it shows the roots of Miss Jackie Jean Crouch,a young girl who hitch-hiked with her father and sang in country bars as a young girl. Georgia is a genuine country singer.In fact on some of the ballads she gives Such nuance and feeling she amazes me.Patsy Cline- be proud!This album is a professional outing,don't let it confuse you that she is Cher's mom.

In 2013, Holt released an album called Honky Tonk Woman, originally recorded on tape in 1980. It includes a duet with Cher titled “I’m Just Your Yesterday.” Cher was executive producer of a 2013 documentary for the Lifetime network titled Dear Mom, Love Cher. That year, to promote both the album and documentary, the mother/daughter pair made the rounds on TV talk shows including Access Hollywood, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, CBS Sunday Morning, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and 20/20. (Source: encyclopediaofarkansas.net)



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