Free Plants Indianapoliser

Free Plants Indianapoliser

Free Plants Indianapolis

National Indoor Plant Week is held each year during the third week of September to bring attention to the importance of plants. Numerous studies have shown that keeping indoor plants in your home or office helps clean the air, produce more oxygen, dampen distracting noises, improve morale, and decrease fatigue. Those are some pretty good reasons to spend more time with our leafy green friends!


National Indoor Plant Week might just be our favorite holiday of the year, which is why we’ll be giving away 3,000 tropical plants to help celebrate. Tropical plants easily adapt to many indoor environments making it an excellent addition to your home or office. If you want to enhance your office with even more beautiul plants, fill out the form above or call us at 317-575-1100 for a free consultation.Indiana native plants can vary in size quite a bit. Our recommendation in to plant one foot on center, a full 12 inches between each plug, for a full looking garden. Native plants do best when they are contacting each other as they would in a natural setting. Some plants can be installed greater than one foot on center without falling over, but they may lay down in heavy rains without other plants to support them.

After delivery, remove the plug trays immediately from the packaging and set them in a cool, semi-shaded area until you are ready to plant. If the soil around the plant roots is dry, irrigate to keep the roots moist, but not saturated. If watered properly and protected from extreme conditions, such as excessive heat, sun, strong winds or frost or freezing conditions, plants should be fine in their plug trays for up to a week, but we recommend planting as soon as possible for best results.After delivery, remove the trees/shrubs immediately from the box and store them upright to prevent mold growth. Keep roots moist until plants are installed. They may be held in buckets or containers of water on-site; however, if plant material will not be installed for a week, do not keep in standing water. Keep plants in a cold, dark area to prevent them from breaking dormancy until you are ready to plant. Bare root trees and shrubs can be stored this way for several days but check frequently for signs of mold and to make sure they are adequately watered. (Source: indianawildlife.org)


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