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Frank Speech

Frank Speech

Frank Speech

Someone once said, “To be successful in life, you need two things: what other people think of you, and what you think of yourself”. Affirmations like this have helped me carry myself to the next level in the work place, but they have also helped me find my content voice. Every day, a strong voice and smart content in your head will help you take yourself to the next level, in your career and life.


Now I find it fascinating that many of these messages also include political messaging. I can’t tell if MyPillow is just trying to use Lindell’s political platform to sell pillows or if they’re trying to convert what would otherwise plainly be marketing messages into political messages for the purposes of avoiding the DNC. Neither would surprise me.

He did, however, note that there will be some content moderation on the site. "You don't get to use the four swear words: the c-word, the n-word, the f-word, or God's name in vain," he said. "Free speech is not pornography, free speech isn't 'I'm gonna kill you.'" (Source: www.businessinsider.com)


Lindell, the, let us say, creatively minded political theorist, who was banned from Twitter earlier this year for his persistent lies about how Trump actually won the 2020 election, met with the former president in January apparently urging him to consider martial law to defend that claim, and has recently said he’s hired private investigators to look into why Fox News won’t book him any more, has framed the social media venture as a mix between Twitter and YouTube.

www.brainerddispatch.com)Forum News Service confirmed Lindell's rally with the Corn Palace. The event was booked Tuesday and it cost Lindell $1,750 plus setup costs, the standard daily cost to rent the facility. (Source:


Mike Lindell, the man best known for his internet pillow company My Pillow, as well as for his fierce allegiance to Donald Trump, is set to launch a new free speech platform this week that he thinks will put YouTube and Twitter out of business. But it turns out it will limit what users can say – by stopping them from, among other things, taking the Lord’s name in vain.

“Everyone is going to be able to talk freely,” said Mike Lindell about the platform, called Frank, which is set to roll out on 19 April, in an interview with the conservative host Graham Ledger on the Ledger Report podcast. “When you come over now you are going to be able to speak out and have opinions.” (Source: www.theguardian.com)



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