Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock

When local American ninja legend Frank Shamrock passed away on March 28, 2017, he’d been retired from pro fighting for more than a decade, and the country was far from the era of his fighting days. But Frank didn’t want to be just a retired fighter, so he turned to the world of medical marijuana.


An author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and social activist, he also was a color commentator for Showtime Networks, Bellator MMA, Glory Kickboxing and Combate America's. Frank has been a brand spokesman for Strikeforce, VAS, UFC, and K-1 MMA and has advised on over 4.5 billion dollars in assets.

After the win over Inoue, Shamrock joined the UFC and fought Kevin Jackson for the newly created UFC Middleweight Championship (later renamed the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship). Jackson had won the middleweight tournament at UFC 14 and was undefeated in MMA at the time, and was also the Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling for the 1992 Summer Olympics. Despite being a heavy underdog, Shamrock armbarred Jackson in just 16 seconds to win the championship. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


In 1994 Ken began to train Frank in what they referred to as "submission fighting", which essentially was the Pancrase style of catch wrestling modified for No Holds Barred fighting. Frank accompanied his brother to bouts in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and grew to love the sport. He became a member of Ken's training school, the Lion's Den, and made his mixed martial arts debut in the Pancrase organization in Japan.

Cornered by The Alliance, Shamrock fought Enson Inoue in a bout in Vale Tudo Japan '97 that would determine who would fight Kevin Jackson for the newly created UFC Middleweight Championship. After an exciting back and forth battle, in which Shamrock's training proved instrumental to resist the punishment and the exhaustion, Frank knocked Inoue out with a knee, although the match was officially ruled as a disqualification win due to Enson's brother, Egan, running into the ring after Shamrock had knocked out Inoue. Shamrock later stated that this was the toughest fight in his career. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


A true warrior at heart, Shamrock clung to the Lord for strength and chose to surrender to God’s will. He went from survival mode to conquering almost every mixed martial arts title in existence including “Fighter of the Decade” and earning “Fighter of the Year” three times. Shamrock was responsible for launching Strikeforce, bringing his fighting style to the American Kickboxing Academy, and is the ambassador for the Single Parents Alliance of America. He also founded Shamrock MMA and The Shamrock Way. The talented fighter sat down with Risen to share more about his childhood, restoration with his UFC Hall of Fame fighting brother, Ken Shamrock, and his personal faith.

Frank Shamrock: My mom grew up in a rural area without much education so she was more of a survivalist than a parenting type. When I was a kid I had these emotional problems. I was always seeing the school therapist and they were trying to figure out why I was so frustrated, upset and angry. My mom, I believe, was locked in a closet [as a child by her mom], so she figured the best way to calm this young athletic man down was to lock him in a closet. I never knew that getting locked in the closet was wrong and that it was causing me anxiety, frustration and anger. (Source: www.risenmagazine.com)



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