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Frank Muller Watch

Frank Muller Watch

frank muller watch

Frank Muller is a Swiss watchmaker from the late 19th century. Take a break from your busy life and find out more about this company and the interesting history behind it.


Franck Muller has been treating the watch world to his creations since 1983. A trained master watchmaker from the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Muller has always sought to produce timepieces unlike any other. In doing so, he has managed to bring a breath of fresh air into the watch industry while also honoring the traditions of "haute horlogerie."

As a company, Franck Muller has earned its reputation as the "Master of Complications" – not least of all because they have produced the world's most complicated wristwatch. Known as the Aeternitas Mega, this impressive timepiece houses 36 complications built from a total of 1,483 components. Like every Franck Muller watch, each individual component was developed and manufactured in house. Another testament to Muller and his team's ingenuity is the Crazy Hours collection. These watches are far from conventional. The hour numerals appear strewn around the dial in no particular order. However, thanks to a sophisticated mechanism, the hour hand always jumps to the correct numeral and accurately displays the time. (Source: www.chrono24.com)


The Crazy Hours is available in a wide variety of colors, including versions with a red, blue, or green dial. In the case of the Crazy Color Dreams, it's the hour numerals that stand out in bright colors against a white dial. In turn, the Totally Crazy Hours features a central pointer date. Franck Muller completes each watch's stylish look with a matching leather strap.

collection, which is named after the famous movie that still remains to be iconic to this very day. The collection tries to capture the very old school glamour that is something that most fashion houses still try to capture. It’s an elusive concept that is derived from the effortless elegance that past celebrities have emulated naturally on their own and everyone wants a piece of it. The Casablanca collection doesn’t fall far from the tree of the Cintree Curvex, but brings its own unique flavour to the table with its more subdued colors and material options. This collection is probably the closest that the brand has ever gotten to look similar to other luxury watch brands in the market. The pieces here tend to lean on classic colors such as black, white, and brown while still retaining the iconic numbering style of Franck Muller. The prices here also match the simpler theme, costing from $5,000 USD to $7,000 USD. (Source: www.watchshopping.com)


Franck Muller's catalog is immense, resulting in a wide range of prices. For example, you can purchase a simple two-hand women's watch with a gold-plated stainless steel case for as little as 3,000 USD. Modest men's models in stainless steel come with mechanical in-house movements and cost between 5,700 and 7,500 USD. If you're looking for a watch with a chronograph function, expect prices ranging from 6,800 to 9,200 USD.

Prices start around 23,000 USD for models like the Cintrée Curvex Double Retrograde Day & Night. This watch comes with two retrograde hour displays that also double as a day/night indicator – the upper retrograde display represents the hours from 6 AM to 6 PM, while the lower display covers the hours from 6 PM to 6 AM. Be sure to have an additional 5,700 USD on hand for the Cintrée Curvex Perpetual Calendar Moonphase. As its name implies, this edition features a perpetual calendar and a moon phase display. Cintrée Curvex watches with a chronograph, skeletonized case, or large date, demand between 34,000 and 41,000 USD. Especially complicated timepieces like the Cintrée Curvex Perpetual Calendar Chronograph change hands for anywhere from 55,000 to 120,000 USD, depending on the exact model. (Source: www.chrono24.com)


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collection, the brand takes inspiration from the Art Deco movement once again but in a different manner. This particular product line focuses more on the subdued and the elegant. Franck Muller describes the Long Island collection as the perfect watches for gentlemen with its more subdued silhouette. The watches belonging to this collection go with a rectangular casing that almost melds with the shape of the strap to create a more seamless look that looks even more flattering on the arm. However, despite the more calm and restrained design aesthetic, Franck Muller still very much shines through with the trademark arrangement and font choices for the numbers on the watch. One look at the simple but elegant watch is still easy enough to identify that the watch comes from none other than Franck Muller. The Long Island collection is bit on the lower price range of $3,000 USD to $5,000 USD on average. (Source: www.watchshopping.com)


The Cintrée Curvex is home to a wide range of models. Options range from timepieces with intricate skeletonization and diamonds to chronographs and highly complicated watches with a perpetual calendar, tourbillon, moon phase display, and minute repeater.

Even though Franck Muller is most famous for their barrel-shaped watches, this Genevan manufacturer also offers watches in other shapes. For example, the {model-516,Long Island} collection is home to timepieces with rectangular cases reminiscent of the Cartier Tank. Fans of square cases should turn to the {model-518,Master Square} series. Finally, the Round collection contains a range of round timepieces. (Source: www.chrono24.com)



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