Food write for us: Submit Guest Post

Food write for us: Submit Guest Post

Food write for us: Submit Guest Post

Food write for us - Submit Guest Post! Great topic! I think it's interesting that you want to share your experience. And I know we'll get a lot of people to read your story and maybe learn a few things from it! We do get a lot of submissions, and we like to review them and make sure they make sense, and follow our writing style.

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Write a guest post that would appeal to our readers.

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We want our competitors to spam our website, not our readers. We value your ideas and want your guest posts to generate additional opportunities for us. All posts will be edited for spelling and grammar. We only accept posts for both our website and social media pages. We'll provide you with 500 words of content and food photos to use in your post.

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Becoming a guest author is a great way of getting exposure for your own blog. If you have an amazing recipe idea, a food story from your travels, or a related opinion piece, I’d love to hear your pitch. (Source: ireallylikefood.com)

Food For Thought

We want to take this opportunity to share you with other bloggers who are working to find great posts for their blogs. After all, the top blogs should only write inspiring content that helps inspire others to do what they do. We look forward to seeing your work. For this opportunity, we're giving 20% off the first post.

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If I’m going to put out a guest post, I expect it to be the same quality as my own work. I try really hard to keep my blog at a really high standard, So if you want a place here, you’ll have to put the effort in. Add your own flair and show my readers a bit of your personality! It’s easy to send in a quick recipe you whipped up. But telling us why you love it so much is the icing on the cake! (Source: ireallylikefood.com)


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