Flights from austin to los angeles

Flights from austin to los angeles


Flights from austin to los angeles

Most flights out of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) use the main passenger terminal, called the Barbara Jordan Terminal. The smaller, remote South Terminal is in a separate building and only serves Allegiant Air and Frontier Airlines.Austin, Texas to Los Angeles, California flights are typical for anyone, especially an adventurer. Colorado to Central America flights and Puerto Rico to Bahamas flights are also surprisingly popular.


I missed a connection due to a 4 hour maintenance delay. The worst part is that I can't even attempt to rebook the flight because there is no way to contact Iberia. The desks were closed because there were no more flights that day. They never answer the help line or facebook. I simply cannot, in any way, even get ahold of a person to help me rebook this flight that cost 1000 dollars and was ruined by the fault of the airline. So I am stranded in LA right now, frantically trying to get ahold of anyone from Iberia to help me get to Spain."

"I did not like that the airline allowed more than 1-2 people to accompany 1 small child when pre-boarding. I happened to be able to go in with the general boarding but was one of those who was first in line within this group. My seat which was 5C already had no overheard room!!! It appears that 1 child was accompanied by 4 adults when they pre-boarded and in addition to their carry-ons, they put their foldable stroller, backpacks and totes in the overhead bin!! The airline announced a request for people to leave the overhead bin spaces for bigger carryons but does not enforce it. Flight attendants should not feel uncomfortable actually asking to whom the backpack or tote belong to and tell passengers to put those under their seats. Somehow, passengers need to be educated on proper etiquette. Also, pre-boarding should only allow 1-2 people to accompany a child or an elderly person. Pre-boarding should not be taken advantage of by all adults traveling with those needing it." (Source: www.kayak.com)


"Connection flight from LAX to Seattle was dropped off of booking completely. When Delta was able to fix the changes in Sydney Australia they put my husbands ticket as a standby instead of putting him in an assigned seat and reported that they couldn't fix it that we would have to wait and get to LAX before the changes could be made again. There was a one and a half hour flight delay from LAX to Seattle. From Sydney Australia to LAX entertainment system didn't work the whole entire flight, they were screaming children the entire flight, and Delta had double booked seats on several different people. There were no apologies and no compensation for any of the incidences."

Make your journey from Austin (AUS) to Los Angeles (LAX) a trip to remember by using Trip.com to view Los Angeles attractions before you arrive. Once you know what to do in Los Angeles, you can reserve and book in advance for the best travel experience possible. Planning ahead is the most effective way to ensure your whole travel experience goes smoothly. Whether you need help choosing the perfect restaurant, discovering the best places to try local flavors, or finding the most stunning views in town, Trip.com is with you every step of the way for your trip to Los Angeles. (Source:www.trip.com)


Travelers usually depart from Austin–Bergstrom International, Austin, TX - Greyhound Station, Austin, TX Train Station, Austin-South Congress, or Austin-South Congress when they travel from Austin to Los Angeles. Book your trip to arrive at Los Angeles International, Los Angeles, CA Bus Station, Los Angeles, CA - Union Station, Los Angeles, CA - Downtown LA, or Los Angeles - Westwood Amtrak. The distance between Austin and Los Angeles is 1996 km. The most popular airlines for this route are United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Spirit Airlines, and Alaska Airlines. Austin and Los Angeles have 172 direct flights per week.

Travelers frequently search for route combinations, such as Los Angeles and London, Manchester, Manila, Dublin, Athens, Denpasar, Bangkok, Tallinn, Edmonton, Edinburgh, San Salvador, Reykjavik, Las Vegas, Cancún, Melbourne, Sydney, New York, Mexico City, Chiang Mai, Malta. (Source: www.kiwi.com)




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