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Fleet Farm

Fleet Farm

Fleet Farm

Fleet Farm has been in operation for over 100 years, but it is just one of many family farm businesses in the area. With its longstanding history, people often look past Fleet Farm's farm stand to its production facility. In the past few years, Fleet Farm's venture into the marketplace has been on the rise.



Many great potential features but many don’t work,,,yet. Have been offing via online for years and it works great. Now using the app my name shows up as the store name and they have difficulty getting me my in store pickup order. In addition, I placed another order using the app and all looked good, even confirmation email. Then after 8 hours of no email update I went on the app to see it was cancelled for some reason.,, no notification,,, nothing. I then replace the order using the old method of online and it worked great, OneDrive ready in 2 hours. My recommendation, until they fix the app glitches us it for research but place your order using their web page.

Management treats employees like they are their 10 year old kids. Promise you training, never got any, then expect you to know it all, then make you look bad because you did not know the position. They want you to work on the floor until your hours were in for the day, then you go up to the clock and clock out. I clocked out one day at two minutes after, I got wrote up because I clocked out too soon. I should have stayed on the floor for five more minutes. One day I worked from 2:00 until 9:00. We were having a blizzard, when I got to work, there were 10 cars in the parking lot. So I parked in the regular parking lot. I got wrote up for not parking in the employee parking lot. There was 21 customers in the store from 2:00 until 9:00. I also got wrote up for taking a day off for a funeral, they told me that I should of got someone to cover my shift , this was like 3 weeks after I started, did not even know any of the other employees yet. (Source: www.indeed.com)


The stores range in size from small hardware store formats to larger stores. They sell hunting and fishing equipment and licenses, small appliances, household goods, automotive goods, clothing and footwear, toys, food, hardware, lawn and garden supplies, paint, pet supplies, sporting goods, tools, and farm supplies. Most locations also have an auto service center, gas mart, and car wash.

Horrible and very unhealthy. Breaks are not on time, management and training is horrible. No consistency. After 5 weeks I still wasn't trained in my department and never once worked with that department manager. Was stuck cashiering when that was not my job title ever. Low pay, store manager acted like it was not her job to help you find resources and made you feel like a nuisance. Other employees treated you very disrespectfully. Huge lack of communication. I left as soon as I found another job, and I would have left even if I didn't have another job it was that bad. (Source: www.indeed.com)


Fleet Farm has been proudly serving the Midwest since 1955. You could say we’re a lot like our customers. We believe in honoring tradition, taking pride in our work and doing what’s right. We're local and we're proud to be part of the communities we serve. At Fleet Farm, you’ll find the heart of a general store, with the expertise and selection of a specialty store. We’re your one-stop shop with a welcoming, neighborly shopping experience.

Seems pretty clear no one that built this app has ever actually used it. Newest release, you can’t even click the login button, and most of the app requires you to be logged in. But since the beginning, if you are in the ad and click “shop now” you can’t get back to where you were in the ad without starting over. Search is frustrating. It will happily find misspellings of the search work but not contractions of it. And even if you find something similar, there is no way to browse other products in the category it’s in. Or even know what category it’s in. Which is odd, because you can browse by category, but good luck guessing on some odd products if it’s under home and garden , automotive, power sports, farm to start with. Update: despite the developer responding that the login issue is fixed in 1.7.1….it isn’t. (Source: apps.apple.com)



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