Faith hedgepeth note

Faith hedgepeth note

Faith Hedgepeth

April 24, 2006, the day my husband gave me life, is also my birthday. That day, he delivered my niece, Faith, the gift of life. But I don't consider it my birthday, because she didn't choose to come into this world. I consider it my gift.


Police have recovered considerable forensic evidence in the case, but so far it has served to eliminate one likely suspect, a former boyfriend of her roommate who reportedly expressed anger and resentment toward Hedgepeth, even supposedly threatening to kill her if he could not reunite with her roommate. His DNA, however, did not match that left at the scene. A note left at the scene, suggesting the writer was jealous, is also believed to have been written by the killer; it was among a large group of documents released by police two years after the crime, following a court action brought by several local media outlets.

In September 2014, almost two years after Hedgepeth's death, the autopsy report was released. It confirmed what was on her death certificate, that she had died of blunt force trauma to the head. She had numerous cuts and bruises as well as blood under her fingernails, suggesting she had struggled with her killer. The DNA taken from the semen was matched to DNA elsewhere at tPolice sought a DNA sample from Jones, whom they considered a person of interest. After some initial resistance, he complied. His DNA did not match the sample from the apartment, and they excluded him as a suspect. DNA from Edwards and many other men whom police found had been at The Thrill during the same time as Rosario and Hedgepeth was also tested, with the same result.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein said that the arrest came after the State Bureau of Investigation and the Chapel Hill Police Department submitted a DNA sample to the State Crime Lab that matched a DNA profile found at the original crime sceMiguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares was slapped with a first-degree murder charge after his DNA was matched to the crime scene, authorities said at a news conference.


Gasparoli questioned in fact what purpose would be served by leaving it there. As a message to Hedgepeth, it made no sense to leave it next to her body if she was dead; if it was written by the killer or killers, it could have been particularly incriminating evidence and they had to be aware of that possibility. It looked to him, in fact, "[a]lmost as if it were a red herring ... left for some other reason than to reflect the real feelings of the killer(s). Left ... to

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