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faith hedgepeth

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The body of Faith Hedgepeth (born September 26, 1992), an undergraduate student in her third year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), was found in her apartment by a friend on the morning of September 7, 2012. She had been beaten over the head with a blunt instrument, later found to be an empty liquor bottle, and evidence of semen and male DNA was present at the crime scene. The last time she was known for certain to be alive was much earlier that morning, when she went to bed after returning from a local nightclub with her roommate. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

en.wikipedia.org)Police have recovered considerable forensic evidence in the case, but so far it has served to eliminate one likely suspect, a former boyfriend of her roommate who reportedly expressed anger and resentment toward Hedgepeth, even supposedly threatening to kill her if he could not reunite with her roommate. His DNA, however, did not match that left at the scene. A note left at the scene, suggesting the writer was jealous, is also believed to have been written by the killer; it was among a large group of documents released by police two years after the crime, following a court action brought by several local media outlets. (Source:

A member of the Haliwa-Saponi Native American tribe recognized by the state of North Carolina, Faith Hedgepeth was born in 1992 in Warren County, part of the tribe's traditional territory. Her parents divorced within a year of her birth, and she was raised by her mother, with help from an older sister, in Hollister and Warrenton. Connie Hedgepeth named her second daughter Faith because she believed that was what she needed to raise a fourth child when she already had two sons, a daughter and a husband with a drug problem. (Source: en.wikipedia.org A voicemail possibly accidentally recorded by Hedgepeth may also capture some of the events that led to her death. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

In high school, Hedgepeth was an honor student, a cheerleader and a member of many extracurricular clubs and organizations. She did well enough academically to earn a Gates Millennium Scholarship to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her father had attended UNC-CH as well, but had dropped out. She hoped to be the first in her family to graduate from college. After undergraduate studies, she was considering further studies to become either a pediatrician or teacher. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

The relationship between Jones and Rosario had been marked by domestic violence, and eventually she ended it and he moved out. However, he had in early July 2012 twice attempted to break into the apartment, even after Rosario changed the locks. Hedgepeth eventually drove Rosario to court to get a protective order that required Jones to stay away from the apartment. (Source: en.wikipedia.org The evening of September 6, 2012, a Thursday, began at 5:45 p.m. with Hedgepeth attending a rush event for the campus chapter of Alpha Pi Omega, a historically Native American sorority she hoped to join. At 7:15 she left, saying she had to work on a paper she was writing about the history of her tribe. She and Rosario went to the university's Davis Library to study together at 8 p.m. Between 8:30 and 9 she exchanged texts with her father about her hopes to join the sorority. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

nightclub in downtown Chapel Hill which admitted customers under the legal drinking age of 21 to dance. The two young women arrived at The Thrill around 12:40 a.m. After almost an hour and a half of dancing, Rosario told police later that she was having an upset stomach and wanted to leave. Security cameras at the club show her and Hedgepeth leaving at 2:06 a.m.; it is the last visual record of her presence anywhere before the killing. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

At 3:40 a.m., a text was sent from Hedgepeth's phone to that of Brandon Edwards, a former boyfriend of hers, saying "Hey b. Can you come over here please. Rosario needs you more aha. You know. Please let her know you care." Three minutes later, another text was sent from Hedgepeth's phone to Edwards' with the single word "than," believed to be a correction for the "aha" in the previous text. That was the last evidence of activity from her phone. At 4:16 a.m., Edwards sent a return text asking who had sent the previous text. (Source: en.wikipedia.org By 3 a.m. Hedgepeth and Rosario had returned to their apartment. A woman who lived below the two and was awake watching television said that she heard three thumping noises, which she described as similar to a heavy bag being dropped or furniture being overturned, shortly afterward. Hedgepeth's Facebook page was also accessed around the same time. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

McCrary drove Rosario to the home of another acquaintance on West Longview Street in Chapel Hill. She put the time of her arrival there at around 4:30 a.m. After spending the rest of the night and the early morning there, a short time after 10:30 she began trying to arrange a ride home. After attempting to reach Hedgepeth, who did not answer, Rosario instead called another friend, Marisol Rangel, who came and took her back to her apartment. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Rosario's phone records show she was also trying to call Edwards around the same time. He did not answer, and when he did not she tried to call Jordan McCrary, a UNC-CH soccer player she knew. At 4:25 a.m., she left the apartment to get in McCrary's car. At that time, Rosario said later, she believed Hedgepeth was asleep in her room, and left the apartment's door unlocked. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

Police collected semen from the scene and used it to develop a DNA profile; it reportedly was consistent with male DNA found elsewhere in the apartment. The autopsy determined that Hedgepeth had died from blunt force trauma to the head, likely a result of being hit by an empty rum bottle in the apartment. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Jones seemed to be a very strong suspect from the beginning. Police learned of his history of domestic violence and his threat against Hedgepeth. They also found that the night before, around 6 p.m., he had texted an acquaintance asking for forgiveness "for what I am about to do" and then posted the same message on his Twitter feed. Three days later, he changed the banner on his Facebook page to read "Dear Lord, Forgive me for all of my sins and the sins I may commit today. Protect me from the girls who don't deserve me and the ones who wish me dead today." (Source: en.wikipedia.org)Chapel Hill, N.C. — A man charged with first-degree murder in the 2012 death of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student Faith Danielle Hedgepeth will remain in jail in Durham County without bond. (Source: www.wral.com)

The Hedgepeth family made a statement on the arrest in the case of her death, saying: (Source: www.wral.com)WRAL News asked police about the relationship between Hedgepeth and Salguero-Olivares, but authorities said they couldn't comment on that while the investigation was still active. (Source: www.wral.com)

Hedgepeth's family was in a Durham courtroom to watch as Salguero-Olivares made his first court appearance virtually on Friday morning. It was decided that he will be represented by a public defender. (Source: www.wral.com Hedgepeth was last seen alive around 4 a.m. on Sept. 7, 2012, when her roommate left their apartment at Hawthorne at the View on Old Durham Road in Chapel Hill. (Source:www.wral.com wAccording to the autopsy report, which police released in 2016, Hedgepeth's roommate returned approximately seven hours later and found her "covered by a blanket on top of her slightly askew mattress with large amounts of blood." (Source:ww.wral.com)))

Investigators found semen on Hedgepeth, but they have never said publicly if she had been sexually assaulted. DNA from the semen matched male DNA found elsewhere in the apartment. (Source: www.wral.com At that time, police described Hedgepeth as being positioned on the floor, leaning against the bed, with her shirt pulled up and no clothes from the waist down. There was a pool of blood near her body and blood spatter on the wall and the bedroom closet door. (Source:www.wral.com))

Included in the information released in 2016 was a photo of a note that they believe was written by the killer that was found on Hedgepeth's bed. The note appeared to read "I'm Not Stupid (expletive) Jealous." (Source: www.wral.com During Thursday's press conference, Hedgepeth's mother, Connie Hedgepeth, said she "cried tears of joy" after learning about the arrest. (Source:www.wral.com))

"When Celisa [Lehew] called me today and told me they made an arrest, my mind ... I went right back to September 2012," said Roland Hedgepeth, Faith Hedgepeth's father. "It's been a long nine years and nine days. I want to thank God for allowing me to stay alive to see this day." (Source: www.wral.com)

Warrants revealed that police learned that the ex-boyfriend allegedly resented Hedgepeth because of the influence she had over her roommate. Detectives say in the warrants that he told Hedgepeth he was going to kill her if the roommate didn't get back together with him. (Source: www.wral.com Several people were questioned at the time of Hedgepeth's death, and some offered DNA for testing. In the beginning of the investigation, police focused on several men, including the ex-boyfriend of Hedgepeth's roommate and a man she was last seen with outside a Chapel Hill nightclub hours before she died. (Source:www.wral.com))

In 2016, Chapel Hill police released a composite sketch and report that they believed could help identify the man responsible for Hedgepeth's murder. The 3D sketch, created by Parabon NanoLabs, uses facial features and potential ancestry determined by DNA samples. (Source: www.wral.com)

Those emotions were near the surface as Roland Hedgepeth watched as the murder suspect made a virtual appearance in a Durham courtroom Friday morning. (Source: abc11.com CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- Faith Hedgepeth's father told ABC11 on Friday that he's been very emotional since he got the news about the arrest in the case of his daughter's death nine years ago. (Source:abc11.com a

"It's just a new beginning. Everything is just starting," Hedgepeth said. (Source:bc11.com abREAD MORE: Family, Tribal members react to arrest in Faith Hedgepeth murder investigation (Source:c11.com))))

Authorities said DNA from the crime scene connected them to the suspect nine years later. But they didn't give details on whether Salguero-Olivares knew Faith Hedgepeth. (Source: abc11.com)

But Hunter Glass, who once worked the Hedgepeth case as a private investigator, was less surprised when Salguero-Olivarez was named as the suspect in the murder that shook the Chapel Hill community. (Source: abc11.com READ MORE: Bittersweet relief for Faith Hedgepeth's family after arrest (Source:abc11.com aGlass said the suspect's name had come up and added that he believed Salguero-Olivares had been at a party at Hedgepeth's apartment complex cul-de-sac but he said the suspect didn't stick out -- he just seemed like somebody who was in the crowd. (Source:bc11.com)))

TIMELINE: What happened the night Faith Hedgepeth was killed (Source: abc11.com Chapel Hill police would not comment on whether there was a party at Hedgepeth's complex. (Source:abc11.com a

Former ABC News producer Miguel Sancho, who worked on the 20/20 special on the Faith Hedgepeth case shares his insights investigating her death. (Source: abc11.com

Asked how he wanted his daughter to be remembered, Roland Hedgepeth replied: (Source: abc11.com On Sept. 7, 2012, UNC student Faith Hedgepeth, 19, was found dead in her off-campus apartment. (Source:abc11.com aHedgepeth's roommate Karena Rosario came home to find Hedgepeth dead. In a 911 call, she told an operator that there was "blood everywhere." (Source:bc11.com abAutopsy results concluded that Hedgepeth had been brutally beaten and raped. On the bed next to Hedgepeth's body was a handwritten note scrawled on a bag from a fast-food restaurant. Investigators said they believed the killer wrote the note. (Source:c11.com abcThe evening began with Hedgepeth and Rosario at Davis Library on UNC's campus. They got home just after midnight and then went back out. (Source:11.com abc1Hedgepeth and Rosario left the bar together at 2:38 a.m. and drove back to the Old Durham Road apartment in Hedgepeth's white Nissan Altima. Police say Rosario left the apartment again at 4:27 a.m. She returned at approximately 11 a.m. with a friend and found Hedgepeth's body. (Source:1.com abc1120/20 shows composite of what Faith Hedgepeth's killer may look like (Source:.com abc11.Four years after Faith Hedgepeth was found brutally murdered, police have granted ABC's 20/20 exclusive and unprecedented access into their investigation. (Source:com www.indMiguel Enrique Salguero-Olivares was arrested and charged with first-degree murder on Thursday after his DNA matched some collected at the scene where 19-year-old Faith Hedgepeth, a UNC sophomore, was found. (Source:ependent.co.uk www.indeThe roommate returned around seven hours later and found Ms Hedgepeth “covered by a blanket on top of her slightly askew mattress with large amounts of blood,” according to the autopsy report. (Source:pendent.co.uk www.indepMs Hedgepeth was last seen alive at 4am on 7 September 2012 when her roommate left their apartment on Old Durham Road in Chapel Hill. (Source:endent.co.uk www.indepeIn 2016, police said Ms Hedgepeth was found in the off-campus apartment undressed from the waist down with her shirt pulled up and her body propped up against her bed. (Source:ndent.co.uk www.indepen“I didn’t do anything but cry and thank God and praise God,” Ms Hedgepeth’s mother Connie said following the arrest. “When I cried, it was tears of joy, tears of relief knowing that someone had been arrested in the case.” (Source:dent.co.uk www.independ“When Celisa [Lehew] called me today and told me they made an arrest, my mind ... I went right back to September 2012,” Roland Hedgepeth, Faith Hedgepeth’s father, said during the press conference on Thursday. “It’s been a long nine years and nine days. I want to thank God for allowing me to stay alive to see this day.” (Source:ent.co.uk www.independeAt the time of the murder in 2012, several people were questioned and police investigated multiple men as possible suspects. One of them was the ex-boyfriend of Ms Hedgepeth’s roommate, who was frustrated with the influence Ms Hedgepeth reportedly had over her friend. According to a warrant, the ex-boyfriend told Ms Hedgepeth that he was going to kill her if his girlfriend didn’t get back together with him, WRAL reported. (Source:nt.co.uk chapelboro.com chapelboro.com chapelboro.com chapelboro.com) chapelboro.com)))))))))))))))))))A new development in the Faith Hedgepeth homicide investigation was revealed Thursday afternoon. After nine years of investigation, an arrest has been made and a man is in custody following a match in DNA evidence obtained from the crimeHedgepeth was a 19-year-old UNC sophomore when she was found beaten to death in 2012 in her off-campus apartment near the Durham-Chapel Hill town limits. She was a member of the Haliwa-Saponi tribal community in Warren County, North Carolina. (Source:At this time, there is no official confirmation on how the matched DNA was obtained, nor is there confirmation that it came from a sexual assault kit. There is also no further information about Salguero-Olivares or what relationship he had, if any, to HedThe Chapel Hill Police Department has had ongoing assistance from the State Bureau of Investigation since 2013. Files regarding Hedgepeth’s death, the crime scene and ongoing investigation were unsealed by a court in 2014, but the revealed evidence did not lead to any arrests in the case until now. (Source:gepeth. (Source:The news conference on Thursday was attended by town, police and UNC officials, the State Bureau of Investigations, N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein, Durham County District Attorney Satana Deberry and Roland and Connie Hedgepeth, Faith’s parents. (Source: scene. (Source:WATCH: Investigative journalist shares insights into Faith Hedgepeth case (Source:abc11.com))Former ABC News producer Miguel Sancho, who worked on the 20/20 special on the Faith Hedgepeth case shares his insights investigating her death. (Source:bc11.com)))


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