Facebook Marketplace Vs Amazon Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Vs Amazon Marketplace

When you think about online business, then what's come to your mind and which name come to your mind.There are a huge place for online market in this era.Mostly people think about Facebook marketplace and Amazon when decide to work online.Because these two marketplaces are very famous and affordable nowadays for everyone.

Anyone can start his/her online business on these two marketplaces easily.Let's discuss the whole details one by one.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook app is an online social media company ,which was founded by Mark from Menlo Park,California.It plays a vital role to aware people about the whole world issues,news,circumstances.Its a big source of making friends and communication with them as well.Features on the Facebook app include:Connect with friends and family and meet new people on social media. Along with this benefit of communicating others and showing your thoughts through your posts on Facebook profile,there are also earning benefits which is known as Facebook Marketplace nowadays.

This is a business place for online marketers who want to work from home and in searching of good social app,so this is a platform for you.

How can I open Marketplace on Facebook App?

After listening about Facebook Marketplace, many Facebook app users will search the market place on Facebook, it's so easy to find this if you have a new version or updated version of Facebook. Look at the bottom of the Facebook page or on the left of Facebook page,you will find the marketplace option. Make sure that your network is stable and version is not out of date.

How to open store on Facebook Marketplace?

After installing the update version of facebook ,just click on the marketplace option and give the information which they demand ,fill the form about you and your product then add product descripti0n and pictures of your product ,price and location of selling.You can sell your product globally ,just add delivery charges and try to convince your customer through your product description and store portfolio.

Try to stay online on your store that if any customer ask anything about the product then you can answer as soon as possible.

Social Media users can see your product

The best thing is that any facebook user can see your marketplace and your products without adding you.People will see,message and can comment on your product and its a benefit for you that anyone can see and ask through inbox and comments because according to the facebook policy ,you can add 0nly 5000 members in your friend list .

Connect with friends

As in above we tell you about the facebook policy that they allow only 5000 users to add in your friend list and by updating your profile on regularl basis,by posting about your products with good caption,people will see your products on daily basis.It needs just your time that how much you give to your profile because everyone can notice that if we stay active on facebook then our posts will show to our friends on front page.

But if we just post our products one time and then wait for the orders then this is not important that you have 5000 friends,your posts will not show to front page and no one will see your profile.So basic thing is that stay active.

Post reviews

When you sell anything then stay connected to customer through messenger and ask about the product use.If your product is good then customer will review automatically and give your profile 5 star but some customers recieve the product and doesnot respond then ask him ,then take screenshot of his review if its positive and post it on your profile.When people will see positive reviews ,they must order your product.Its a best way to increase your sells.

Private Groups

According to a search,there are atleast 1.11 million people who uses facebook private groups ,they spend millions of seconds on it.Except the business purpose,people use facebook for different purposes .It can be entertainment ,spend spare time,fun,gossips with friends etc.

But our main purpose is business and introduce our store in marketplace,so for this you can make your own private group as well and add your friend list in it.

Make videos of your products

To introduce your products through publishing in different groups,make videos of your products.It will give you more benefit as mostly people dont like to read long description of products so the interesting video with good HD quality will help you to publish your vidoe on facebook .You can also hire a beatufile model if you can afford.


You can sell anything on facebook marketplace like

Kids assesories


Mobile assesories







Home garden


Its means each and everything you need for your daily routine.

Necessary things to consider

Always reply to your customers on messenger as soon as possible. Because customers have choice to change of mind if you couldn't reply on time and offline a whole day.

So be quick in response and give reply to your customers of each question.

Make easy payment methods for customers, try to use each payment account like PayPal, payoneer, skrill,bank account, western union etc ,and most important is cash on delivery. I know its a risky but you have to take it.

Make a rule of fast delivery of your products, in just 3 to 5 business days because when customers order they anxiously wait for the delivery. Give details of delivery time to time to the customer that your order has been placed, your has reached to your city,you will receive your order today etc.

Relevant photos

Make sure to add photos of your products clearly and description which should properly match to the product specifications. Because if description will not match to the product then it will consider as negative impact on your marketplace. So be responsible and careful about products and descriptions.

Facebook Marketplace partnership

Facebook marketplace is a platform for brands that they can do business ,Facebook marketplace is a partnered with some big online markets like:



Ship station




Commerce hub


As like a big store or marketplace, you will receive a huge number of messages in messenger through customers who are interested in purchasing products or asking questions about products, you should be quick in answering.

Benefits of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an easy way to start your own business as;

You can launch your brand on Facebook Marketplace and retailers can easily find you can contact you to purchase your products.

A huge audience can see your products and it will raise your ratings on Facebook.

You can manage your business in all over the world.

Charges on Facebook Marketplace

Like others,who charge monthly or annually fee of starting stores on their platforms,Facebook is best in this way that it has no fee.Its absolutely free of cost to open your store and run your business.

Increase sell on Facebook Marketplace

There are many ways which you can use for increasing sell on Facebook.A good quality pictures of your products with long descriptions which should be attractive and engage people in reading,try to use SEO keywords in description that everyone can search you easily and order from you.

Stay active and online most of the time,be quick in answering of messages. Then definitely if you follow all the necessary things then you can grow through Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace rules

To run your business and life successfully, you must need to make some rules.Facebook Marketplace also have some rules to run your business and avoid mishapes.For rules and privacy policy ,you need to visit facebook marketplace Commerce Policies.

The commerce policy apply on facebook marketplace,groups,pages,instagram.

Items cannot be sold

Facebook introduced a list of items that cannot be sold on facebook marketplace.Basically these are items which can be dangerous for health such as

Adult items like sex toys etc




Medical kits such as first aid kit,medicines etc

Event tickets


Smoking products and tobbacco items

Comparison images

Comparison pictures like before and after pictures of a person using some products is prohibited to display on facebook marketplace.It could be for beuaty products ,or diet supeliments etc.

Privacy Policy of Facebook Inc

If you find anything on facebook marketplace which is against community policies,you just go to the options and report the item or the store.Facebook management will review and if it is against the Facebook Inc and community polici es then it will be remove from facebook and if full store is voilating community standards then it will banned on facebook as soon as possible.

You can also apply privacy policy on your profile as you can select the audience that who can see your posts or not.The same thing is for groups and pages that you can select the audiance .


Obviously there is a huge competition like ebay and amazon,when you are start selling a used car you have to face alot of compititors .So best idea is to use SEO keywords and good quality images of your product with description which attract buyers.

How to select product for selling

If you are tense about this which product you should for selling then its not a big deal because you can easily search about this that which is in trending and then start selling.

When you will keep an eye on trends then you can easily find what should you choose ,try to be in top trends.

Help Center

If you face any problem in opening store or manage things ,just follow our tips and in any case of further problems without any specific reason and you don't know what to do?Then definitely click on help Center option,ask about your problem.The management will solve your issue and able you to use Facebook Marketplace smoothly without any tension or problem.

We have discuss almost each and everything about Facebook Marketplace, now we will try to tell you about Amazon and compare Facebook with amazon.

Amazon Marketplace

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon for books selling,it was started from his garage but then expanded to world wide. Now if we think about online business or online shopping then Amazon must come to our mind as it's best place of online marketing as well as online shopping. It was started from 5 july ,1994 from a small Marketplace of books then expanded to all necessary things of life like furniture, food,toys,vehicles, software, gaming,electronics, jewelry etc.

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