F is for family.

F is for family.

F is for family

Follow the Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV.Follow the Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV.Follow the Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV.

Despite the fact that the lead character, Frank Murphy, may appear to be a cross between Peter Griffin and Hank Hill, this show is nothing like the shows of the aforementioned characters. "F is for Family" is a brutally honest family and workplace comedy set in the early 1970s. The humor is no-holds-barred in regard to the doldrums of a lower-middle class family. Netflix does not rely on cutaway humor or awkward naiveté. Rather, Frank and his family cut close to the bone for anyone who grew up in even a remotely similar family dynamic. It would be easy to dismiss this show since so many animated family comedies have come before, but this show is worth the viewing time. At only 6 episodes, the first season ends too quickly and displays plenty of potential for continuation. Like BoJack Horseman, this show is not intended for younger audiences. Prepare to laugh, be surprised, be disheartened or even depressed, and most of all, to relate to the Murphys while viewing "F is for Family." (Source: www.imdb.com)


The Murphys' 9-year-old daughter, whom Frank always refers to as "princess". She is a highly intelligent and inquisitive young girl with a passion for science, specifically physics, computers, electronics, spaceflight, engineering, and robotics. Maureen is also an avid reader of science fiction and her favorite television shows are Star Trek and Lost in Space. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

In the new season, as 1974 comes to a close, the Murphys are rocked by loss, each responding to it in very different ways. Sue tries to patch things up with her parents and estranged gay brother Louis; Kevin drives his girlfriend Alice crazy with his clinginess; and Bill and Maureen process their grief by acting out in uniquely transgressive fashion. Meanwhile, Frank sets off on a quest to understand the meaning of his father Big Bill's life and, in the process, make himself a better husband to Sue and a better father to Kevin, Bill, Maureen and new baby daughter Megan. (Source: www.awn.com)

Harris joins the long-running animated comedy as Louis, Sue's long-estranged gay older brother with whom she's looking to reconcile. LuPone plays Nora Murphy, Frank’s chilly and self-dramatizing mother who separated herself from the patriarch both geographically and emotionally following her split from Big Bill. Melamed boards the series as Dr. Erwin Goldman, the kind, lovingly indulgent, psychologist father of Kevin’s girlfriend Alice -- and the polar opposite of Frank Murphy in every way. (Source: www.awn.com)

Created by comedian Bill Burr and writer Michael Price (The Simpsons), F IS FOR FAMILY takes place in 1973, a time when people smoked indoors, used pay phones, read newspapers, and threatened their rebellious teen sons with a trip to Vietnam. Frank Murphy (Burr) is the family patriarch, who just wants everybody to shut up so he can enjoy his beer and TV in peace. Sue (Laura Dern) is his wife, a stay-at-home mom who sells plastic storage on the side. Kevin (Justin Long) is their difficult 14-year-old; Bill (Haley Reinhart) their conflicted middle child; and Maureen (Debi Derryberry) the angelic youngest. The Murphys may not have a lot of money, and they bicker nonstop. But underneath it all, they're a family and always there for each other when needed. (Source: www.commonsensemedia.org)



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