F Gary Gray:

F Gary Gray:

F Gary Gray:

F. Gary Gray is an American film director, actor and producer. He has been called “a visionary talent who deserves to be as well known as his contemporary, Steven Spielberg”.



Having established himself as a talented music video director, F. Gary Gray was bound to make a successful transition to feature films. Gray made good on his creative promise when he directed the hit comedy "Friday" (1995), which earned ten times its small budget at the box office and generated two popular sequels. He continued to showcase his gifts with his sophomore effort, "Set It Off" (1996), which was a big earner at the box office. Gray made his first foray into big-budget Hollywood filmmaking with the critically acclaimed thriller, "The Negotiator" (1998). Following a failed attempt at launching a regular television series, he found his biggest success to date with "The Italian Job" (2003), a gripping remake of the 1969 action comedy-drama. After establishing himself as a skilled director of action-adventure films, Gray returned to his hip-hop roots with the hit N.W.A. biopic "Straight Outta Compton" (2015).

After the release of Set It Off, Gray's career itself began to resemble such a mansion. The Los Angeles Times deemed him a "face to watch in 1997," and he discussed his options with the paper. "I'm not afraid of a big studio film; I trust my instincts," he insisted. "But for me it's not really about the box office. It's about looking back on your work and not having to apologize for it. I'm trying to keep my blinders on and continue to perfect what I do, because I'm very young and I have a lot to learn." At the same time, Gray recognized that he brought something unique to the table. "I think the movie audience is starving right now for new material and fresh ideas," he noted. In Detour, he described directing as "a love it or leave it job," and confessed to feeling doubts at times. "Sometimes you think, Am I out of my mind for doing this?" he reflected. "But then you sit back—I just got back from the Boston Film Festival, and we had a standing ovation for [Set It Off]—you take really deep breath and you say, 'It was all worth it.'" (Source: biography.jrank.org)




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